Footprint Discovered on Mars


Scientists in Massachusetts are looking closely at a new photo recently published from the Mars Rover. The magnified photo appears to show an outline of a human footprint. The footprint shows up near the Aeolis quadrangle on Mars. Among all the controversy, one of the most significant is the bare footprint itself.

“Certainly a human footprint on Mars raises thousands of questions,” says Wyatt Aminutte, a phenomenon specialist near Salt Lake City, Utah. “Even more interesting, or concerning is that a bare footprint raises questions here on Earth.” The human footprint is millions of years old and is credited as a main differentiator between humans and other homonids.

Scientists agree that balance, movement, strength, and alignment are all component support services derived from the human foot. Today, many health and fitness conscience people understand the importance of a strong human foot. This could be why scientists are not ruling out a human footprint as the best form of movement on Mars.

The photo has not been verified by NASA or SPACEX, only a few scientists have seen this rare print. The photo has been sent to footwear specialists in Milan, Italy to verify if bare foot traction on Mars could be as beneficial as it is on Earth.

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