AMK to Hold OR Funder for Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs


OAKLAND, CA – Want to score a super cool survival tool for next to nothing and help out Utah’s search and rescue community to boot? You can do both at this week’s 2011 Outdoor Retailer Summer Show. Adventure® Medical Kits (AMK) will be raising money for Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, Inc., – Utah’s oldest rescue dog organization -- by selling its category defining multifunction survival tool, the SOL Origin (MSRP$60), for the “HAVE WE LOST OUR MINDS!?” low price of $15.

AMK will be offering the Origins between 4 pm – 6 pm for the first three days of the show in its booth (#13019). During the last two hours of the show on Thursday and Friday, the rescue dogs and their two-legged counterparts will be in AMK’s booth for a meet-and-greet with show attendees. 100% of Origin sales will be donated to Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs. So come by the booth, see the dogs and support a great cause.

Founded in 1980, Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs is an all-volunteer, non-profit, professional canine search and rescue organization that’s dedicated to assisting law enforcement and other governmental agencies in the location of lost and missing persons. The org provides assistance in the following situations: wilderness searches, tracking/trailing, water recovery, avalanche searches, urban searches, human remains detection/cadaver searches, and disaster searches. Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs is on-call and available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Said AMK’s co-founder, Frank Meyer, “In a time when local and state governments are slashing budgets for SAR services, it’s our hope that this promotion will motivate people to support the important work that Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs perform in helping to keep residents of, and visitors to, Utah safe.”

About the SOL Brand

Oakland, CA-based Adventure® Medical Kits, a division of Tender Corporation, is the world leader in developing innovative, high quality survival products marketed under the SOL brand. The premiere name in outdoor survival gear, the SOL brand is defined by products that are intuitively designed, include expertly written instructional materials, and high-performance multi-functional tools that can be trusted to deliver when it matters most. Today, the SOL brand encompasses key items from the most important survival categories, including: essential survival tools, survival kits, signaling devices (mirrors and whistles), fire starters and shelter (reflective blankets and bivvies). For more information on SOL products, visit