Our unofficial National Small Business Week awards

Five #CoolShops that deserve some credit.
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In recognition of National Small Business Week, we want to acknowledge some of the independent specialty #CoolShops working hard to keep the outdoor industry ticking. From coast to coast, here are five of our favorites from each region in the U.S.

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Northwest: Crazy Mountain Outdoor Company in Bozeman, Montana

It’s cool because: Even though it’s not even a year old, owner Sam Valone—son of Great Outdoor Gear Provision Co-Founder Tom Valone—uses old-school marketing through radio and newspaper ads to reach his customers.

Crazy Mountain #CoolShop

Crazy Mountain Outdoor Company Owner Sam Valone is a fly fisherman and therefore, the store is anchored by modern bamboo rods made by real craftsmen.

Midwest: KAMP in St. Louis, Missouri

It’s cool because: It’s built on a foundation of inclusion and diversity. Through kids’ story times and guided nature walks geared toward low-income families, owners Jason and Mandi Gray want the outdoors to be welcoming for all.

Southwest: Taos Mountain Outfitters in Taos, New Mexico

It’s cool because: The store wasn’t always popular with locals, but ever since Bill Gaydock took over, that has reversed. He’s stocked the shelves with leading outdoor brands and he offers sweet perks to his employees, including 401K matching up to 5 percent.

Taos Mountain Outfitters UVP

Taos Mountain Outfitters Owner Bill Gaydosh poses with Daisy, who is always willing to engage with customers.

Northeast: Adventure Bound onthefly in Elicotteville, New York

It’s cool because: You can pay in Bitcoin, if you want. Owner John Rounds started accepting cryptocurrency a few years ago, illustrating how retailers need to be creative, flexible, and willing to try new things.

Southeast: Survive Anything in Sarasota, Florida

It’s cool because: This isn’t your typical outdoor store. Sure, you can buy pocketknives, bug spray, and survival guides. But you can also pick up gas masks and bulletproof vests, and get a tattoo or piercing next door from shop owner Michael Crea.

Survive Anything

Survive Anything stocks an eclectic mix of survival gear and outdoor essentials.


Sleeping bags, Topo Designs bags, and shirts on display in Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. in Brooklyn, New York.

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Adventure Bound Bitcoin #CoolShop

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Interior of High Country Outfitters

#CoolShop Awards Finalist | High Country Outfitters in Georgia

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The bike department at The Gear Fix in Bend Oregon

#CoolShop | The Gear Fix in Bend, Oregon

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Crazy Mountain #CoolShop

#CoolShop | Crazy Mountain Outdoor Company in Bozeman, Montana

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buffalo peak outfitters storefront

#CoolShop | Buffalo Peak Outfitters in Jackson, Mississippi

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Powder7 staff shot

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