Powder7 wants to replace this logo with something fresh from a designer.

Powder7 wants to replace this logo with something fresh from a designer.

Having just turned 10 years old, ski shop and online retailer Powder7 is ready for a logo makeover. The Golden, Colorado, shop launched the “Powder7 to the People” contest earlier this month with a heady grand prize: free skis and bindings every year for seven years.

“For skiers with any level of flair for design, this is pretty much the dream,” Owner Amy Dannwolf said. “This is their chance to ride the latest and greatest skis every winter until 2024 for free.”

Additionally, the winning design will be featured on Powder7’s website, social media, and swag items (stickers, logo wear, ski straps, etc.).

Entrants can use whatever colors and medium feels right, whether that’s Paint 3D, Photoshop, or a Crayola crayon. If a submission is rough around the edges, the store’s in-house graphic designer will work magic to make it logo-ready.

However, the fresh logo should reflect the brand. Powder7 is fully dedicated to skiing—no patio furniture, no mountain bikes, just gear for sliding on snow. It's also small business devoted to its community, social responsibility, and environmental causes.

“Our mantra is ‘Skiing for all, all for skiing,’” Dannwolf said. “Crowd-sourcing our new logo makes sense given what we’re about.”

Submissions can be posted to Instagram and tagged with #powder7tothepeople. Entrants can also email submissions to logo@powder7.com. The deadline is Oct. 24. Staff will then vote on submissions and announce a winner Nov. 14 on Facebook Live.