Five years ago, this question may have sounded crazy. But with the fast pace of cannabis legalization across the country, and with retailers adding coffee and microbrews to their shops, the idea of an in-store dispensary may not be so far-fetched.

This question popped into our minds when we saw a survey from our colleagues at NatuRx magazine (the brainchild of Jon Dorn, longtime editor of Backpacker and former president of our business division). NatuRx focuses on health and fitness news about cannabis, and has a circulation of 250,000 across North America. 

In his survey, Cannabis in America, Dorn says “we’re trying to capture the current attitudes and behaviors of athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and the wellness community. We’d love to hear your opinions, too, and we’ll be awarding four $200 gift cards to randomly selected participants.” Hmm, $200, that’s enough to stock up on a few months of your favorite gummies. (Deadline for the survey is May 15, 2020.)


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