L.L.Bean teams up with 5 Maine breweries

What better way to celebrate new shoes and craftsmanship than by clinking glasses?
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L.L.Bean knows how to party. The Maine-based outdoor retailer is celebrating the launch of its Small Batch Bean Boots by partnering with five craft brewers in the state. 

L.L.Bean brings the Bean boots. Fogtown Brewing Co., Rising Tide, Orono Brewing Co., Threshers Brewing Co. and Mast Landing Brewing Co. bring the small-batch, outdoor-inspired beer. All six deliver craftsmanship.

Ahead of the launch, L.L.Bean shared a quick video with the hashtag #beanbootsandbrews.

If you're in Maine, you can start trying the new beers on Friday at each brewery and at select stores throughout the state. The Small Batch Bean Boots will be available at L.L. Bean stores and online.


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