The customers are claiming that the change is deceptive, but the company says the lawsuits are "meritless" because the policy doesn't apply to their purchases.

L.L.Bean now faces four lawsuits filed by customers claiming that they were harmed by the company’s changes to its generous return policy earlier this year.

The most recent class-action complaint was lodged on May 4 by a Berkeley, California man, and is similar to the other three lawsuits in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts, the Bangor Daily News reported.

In February, L.L.Bean immediately rescinded its well-known 100-percent satisfaction guarantee warrantee and replaced it with a one-year limit on most purchases. The reasoning for the change? The company was tired of being taken advantage of.

But in response, these four customers claim that the change deprives them of the 100-percent guarantee benefit that influenced them to purchase from L.L.Bean.

The four lawsuits are from the same group of lawyers, and though they are independent, they make similar claims.

“Like the other three suits, this one is meritless,” Carolyn Beem, L.L.Bean spokeswoman, told SNEWS in an email. “L.L.Bean products purchased prior to February 9, 2018 are not subject to the new one-year restriction on returns. The customer in this suit does not claim that he has been denied a refund on any purchase, and does not claim to be dissatisfied with his L.L.Bean products."

L.L.Bean is fighting back. In a filing on April 6, the company has asked the Illinois Northern District Court to dismiss the Chicago lawsuit, the Bangor Daily News also reported.


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