Many couples share a love for the outdoors, but these six are taking it to the next level. In some ways it makes perfect sense – they love each other, they love the outdoors, so why not turn a passion into a career? But working together has it's down side, and it isn't always easy.

We often find it difficult to step away from work,” says April Peterson, co-owner of River Rock Outfitters. She and her fellow owner and husband Keith talk shop constantly. "It really is all consuming making the engine run," she says. 

The other couples echo that sentiment, including Pack Rat Outdoor Center owners Scott and Carolyn Crook. "The worst part about owning the store together is that we don't have time to do the things we previously did outdoors," Carolyn says. "The store comes first." 

While the pairs have disagreements and need to learn how to navigate this unique situation together, all agree there is no doubt it's worth it. "The best part about owning a store together is building something together," says Jordan Lapekas, co-owner of Lake Powell Paddleboards, with her husband, Joe. "It's our 'baby' and we have loved growing it and seeing it be successful thanks to our joint efforts.