Is cat-packing the next big thing? Seriously?

We talked to one Colorado vlogger who hikes, camps, and kayaks with his black cat, Simon, and shares his adventures on Instagram.
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JJ Yosh starting training Simon as soon as he adopted him at only a few weeks old. 

JJ Yosh starting training Simon as soon as he adopted him at only a few weeks old. 

In a world where dogs are kings of the trail, one outdoor-loving cat is breaking all stereotypes. Simon the Adventure Kitty (@backpackingkitty), along with his human travel vlogger JJ Yosh (@jj_yosh), hike, jog, camp, and kayak together while they travel the world. With a combined Instagram following of over 200,000, people are clearly interested in this unconventional duo’s adventures.

We talked to adventure film maker JJ Yosh to find out what’s it like traveling with a cat:

Q: What happen when Simon sees a dog on the trail?

He either tries to approach it or he immediately hisses at it. It depends on the other dog. If the dog is curious and calm, Simon doesn't mind the dog.

Q: Are people afraid to let Simon (a black cat) cross their paths?

When people pass Simon on the trails they usually want to pet him and take pictures of him. They are definitely not afraid. If anything they are amazed and curious.

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Q: Cats are notorious for not liking water. What happens when it rains?

Simon loves the rain and snow. When it rains at home, Simon loves to go outside and run around. We went kayaking two weeks ago and Simon jumped into the water. He's a pretty good swimmer.

Q: What advice do you have for others who want to hike with their cats?

My advice for hiking with your cat is finding a gold harness that your cat won't escape from and getting your cat use to the harness. Simon wears his harness 24-7. It's his clothing. This helps because when we go hiking he already has it on.

Another suggestion for hiking is doing it everyday. Cats need repetition, and they need to feel comfortable, so the more you do it, the easier it gets for them. Patience is key. Do small distances at first, and gradually work up and don't be afraid to carry your cat most of the way in the beginning.

Q: It’s often a dog’s world out on the trail. How does Simon deal?

Simon and I usually travel on trails that are not too crowded, but when we do see a dog I put him on my shoulder. He ends up just staring at the dog, but other than that it doesn't phase him. The dog doesn't usually even realize Simon is on m shoulder.

Q: Traveling with a cat, what’s the weirdest thing we’d find in your pack?

I travel with many weird things because of Simon. Some of these things are extra kitty clothing, like a kitty rain jacket and kitty sweater and lots of kitty snacks. I always carry a nail clipper to keep his nails trimmed so he won't claw into my shoulders…very important!

Q: Simon has some pretty fashionable outdoor apparel. What’s his travel style?

Simon is definitely one trendy kitty! He has an outfit for every holiday and season. His travel style consists of a rain jacket, waterproof kitty boots, evening sweater, kitty winter jacket, and the occasional overalls. 


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