The wait is over: The SNEWS Fitness Retailer Survey is here

Retailers, take this survey to communicate your views on suppliers, distributors and other business connections in a completely independent forum. Completed entries will be rewarded with a discounted SNEWS subscription. Deadline to complete the survey is Nov. 23.

There’s an old Spanish dicho (or saying) that goes like this: “Mas vale tarde que nunca.” We hear it frequently in English as well: “Better late than never.”

We’ve been receiving many inquiries about the SNEWS Fitness Retailer Survey, and want to assure you it hasn’t gone anywhere. It was just a little late this time around. The 10th annual SNEWS® Fitness Retailer Survey opens today.

This is your chance to have your say in an independent survey of retailers, one with no ties to manufacturers or fitness trade shows.

Our survey was sent out to all of our fitness subscribers, but if you are not yet a subscriber, and would still like to participate, click here to start your survey. If the link is not working, copy and paste it into your browser:

Retailers, we can only accept one survey response per business. If you have more than one store, please have one buyer or manager answer questions for your entire group.

Results are due by Nov. 23, so we can tally them and write up the outcome before the holiday shopping season is in full swing.

While we do ask your annual revenue on this survey, the question is optional. We don’t reveal who answered what, so you can answer all questions without fear of being called out. But if you are off put by the revenue question you can skip it.

You do get something for your time — a SNEWS subscription discount of $50 off a one-year All Access SNEWS subscription (one per store) or a renewal. One discount per business/company and valid for surveys fully completed by the deadline of Nov. 23. If you click "yes" to receiving this special offer, you will be routed to instructions on how to activate your discount subscription.

Rest assured that we would never share your answers nor reveal anything about who answered what question. That is kept strictly confidential.

For any questions, comments or concerns, please call the SNEWS office at 303-625-1632. If you’d like to give your survey answers to a person and not a computer, we’d be more than happy to accept them.

--Ana Trujillo


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