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1 year banner position on one How To Sell article that will appear on SNEWS in the Training Center, as well as one How To Buy article for consumers of the same topic (reworked and rewritten from the How To Sell content) that will appear in the How To Buy section of GearTrends.com. Articles will be written by SNEWS writers working with sponsoring company staff.


How to Sell: Footwear Care

This Training Center article is written by the editors of SNEWS® Footwear aftercare products are not just a way to increase "units per transaction" for your store. Properly used, aftercare solutions will: • Renew worn-off Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments on footwear. • ...read more


How to Sell: Hydration Reservoirs

Not all hydration reservoirs are created equal. Some have faster flow rates for drinking, others are easier to clean and more are coming with accessories to make showering or filtering water simple and convenient. Finding the right hands-free hydration product for your ...read more


How to Sell: Footwear

This Training Center article is written by the editors of SNEWS® a If a shoe doesn't fit, you will have one very unhappy customer -- one that may or may not return to your store to let you know of their pain. Footwear requires service, expert sales know-how, and solid fit ...read more


How to Sell: Pedometers

A SNEWS® Training Center written by the editors of SNEWS® Despite all the high-tech gizmos on the market today that are promoted as helping to motivate and track a fitness program, pedometers remain a simple, inexpensive and relatively low-tech piece that can do that and more. ...read more


How to Sell: Travel

This Training Center article is written by the editors of SNEWS® Adventure travel seekers and a large percentage of travel customers in general need what a specialty outdoor store can offer. Specialty outdoor stores are in the business of outfitting. Travel stores and luggage ...read more


Fitness How-To-Sell Article Finder

At SNEWS® we want to make life easier for our retail friends, so we've developed this handy article-finder -- an index of our numerous Fitness How To Sell guides for retailers. With a quick glance, you can scan the chart to find the subject matter that fits your immediate ...read more