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Solo camping stoves get smaller, lighter and more weather-resistant for 2015

Find out why more camping stove brands are thinking about the individual next year. See new stoves for 2015.

We’ve all been inspired by “Into The Wild,” drawn to the romanticism of heading into the great outdoors alone. But, more than likely, those food allergies or diet preferences your favorite adventure partners have developed leave you wanting a more personal cooking setup for the backcountry. Brands are rethinking their backcountry stove and cookware setups to focus on the individual in all types of conditions.

Following the success of the Sumo, JetBoil debuts the its MiniMo (MSRP $130). As the name suggests MiniMo takes on the same wide shape as the Jetboil Sumo, but with a shorter cooking pot. The personal cooking system features a wider, easier-to-use 1 liter FluxRing cooking cup, as well as a high-performance fuel valve and regulator. The shape makes it one of the easiest to cook in and eat out of. Checking out those late fall colors? The MiniMo delivers simmer control down to 20 degree Fahrenheit. And, don’t worry, the grande coffee press will be available for this model for brews in the backcountry.


Those facing a colder backcountry experience can look to Optimus’ Polaris Stove (MSRP $180) to fuel their cold-weather adventures. With the ability to flip a canister upside-down for better flow, the Polaris is a rare omnifuel stove with integrated four-season capability. The single-jet function of the Polaris Stove has compatibility with virtually any fuel type — canister gas, liquid canister gas, white gas, diesel, unleaded fuel, petroleum, kerosene or jet fuel — without the need for an adaptor. It packs down to a very compact package for transport, and it’s light — 17 ounces with the pump and 12 ounces without.


Another option for those colder days is Snow Peak’s new Roccano Stove (MSRP $100). This compact and powerful mountaineering stove offers a remote-canister design that allows for both inverted and topside up fuel position. A uniquely integrated windscreen is built around the canister to protect your flame while still allowing proper oxygen flow. The Roccano stove comes in at 11.6 ounces and has a boiling time of 4.25 minutes. If needed, the Roccano is built to handle larger pots and pans. If there’s going to be some serious snow camping, Snow Peak offers an additional accessory that increases the stove's bottom surface area.


To combat the gustier elements, MSR has introduced the WindBoiler Personal Stove System, (MSRP $130). Perfect for one to two backpackers, this stove offers all-weather performance. The fully protected burner ensures the flame is 100 percent wind protected. Furthermore, the primary air combustion and built-in heat exchanger allow the WindBoiler 1-liter stove system to operate flawlessly in windy conditions. If your solo trip turns into a group adventure, the WindBoiler accessory line expands your cooking capabilities with an additional accessory pot (MSRP $65) and Coffee Press Kit (MSRP $20).


If you are heading out alone or in smaller groups, it’s always safer to stay connected. Touted as “the perfect emergency partner” BioLite expands its energy-generating devices with the KettleCharge (MSRP $130). When exposed to heat — from any stove — the kettle heats up water and can generate 10 watts of energy to charge tablets, smartphones, headlamps and water purifiers. It’s designed to be packable, making it easy to take into the backcountry, but also can be used at home.


--Jessica Hamel



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