SNEWS® Live: The Dirtbag Diaries share intimate tales from the heart of the outdoor community

Dirtbag Diaries creator and host Fitz Cahall discusses the methods and motivation behind his popular podcast with SNEWS® Live.

This edition of SNEWS® Live is brought to you by The North Face

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SNEWS® Live:  At SNEWS® Live, we're in the business of telling stories about the people, places and products of the outdoor and fitness industries. Together, these three elements make up our culture as a community. And as a news organization, we take great pride in sharing with you, our listeners, different expressions of that culture whenever we find it.

Not too long ago, we discovered a wonderful podcast that depicts the heart and soul of our community through the art of storytelling. For more than a year, The Dirtbag Diaries has shared tales of adventure, intrigue and excitement that recount the lives of unique individuals out there on the edge. Creator and host Fitz Cahall uses a documentary style of reporting to illustrate subtle and various ways people in the active lifestyle community express their passions.

At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008, SNEWS® Live met with Cahall to thumb through the pages of his own Dirtbag Diary.