SNEWS® Live: Aerobics still looking good at 40

"Aerobics" creator Dr. Kenneth Cooper shares with SNEWS® Live the story behind the start of the fitness movement.
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SNEWS® Live: It was 40 years ago that Dr. Kenneth Cooper coined the word "aerobics," therefore helping to publicize the effectiveness of healthful cardiovascular exercise that kicked off the fitness movement. In 1968 - when it wasn't commonplace to run, jog or workout -- Cooper had penned a book from research he conducted and, in it, touted the benefits of extended cardiovascular exercise to promote better health and prolong life. The first public body of work at the dawn of the modern fitness movement, the book, called "Aerobics," helped to set in motion a major shift in how we think about physical exertion. He encouraged people around the world to adopt an active lifestyle just as other researchers were also beginning to show the benefits of aerobic exercise.

SNEWS® Live contacted Dr. Cooper on the phone in his office at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas. He shared with us the principles and philosophies of physical conditioning that keep him in top shape at the age of 77.