Answer this one question about diversity

On Day 2 of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we posed a provocative, open-ended question to the industry. It was not a rhetorical one. Here's your chance to be part of the solution, so speak up!
Day 2 Cover

We know the show is crazy busy and many of you have good ideas that you haven't yet submitted. Here's your chance.

On Day 2 of the show, we posed a serious question on our cover. Many of our conversations—and we know yours too—have centered around diversity. We want to know what you've been hearing and feeling. And we want you to know that we're listening.


Day 2 Cover

The state of diversity, equity, and inclusion

If Outdoor Retailer Summer Market's event lineup was any indication, the outdoor industry is putting diversity issues front and center. From a lack of ethnic diversity in leadership positions and brand marketing to cultural appropriation of native designs and symbols, our more

A man SUPs during 2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Demo Day, the "Urban Experience."

Day 1 Poll | At Demo Day, did you get...?

With temps in the 80s, it was a good day to be by the water in Denver during Demo Day, themed "Urban Adventures." Brands showed off gear in paddle, running/trail running, overland, camping, climbing, technology, fly fishing, and more. We want to know: Did you take full advantage more

snews sticker piles

Day 3 Poll | What's your favorite freebie at Outdoor Retailer?

Whether you're asking for it or not, somebody is going to hand you something for free in the hopes that you'll remember their brand's name. more

The American Alpine Club's boulder at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018

Poll | How do you feel about the Outdoor Retailer show last week?

With the show floor cut in half, booths relegated only to the upper level, wider aisles, and plentiful gathering spaces that offered room for show-goers to really stretch out, this Winter Market was smaller and quieter than any before. Some exhibitors we spoke with felt it was a more

Cooler with beer

Day 2 Poll | Did you wake up with a hangover this morning?

In the wise words of SNEWS Editor-in-chief Kristin Hostetter, "There's plenty of fun to be had each night at OR and the beer is always flowing. Know your limits, pace yourself, and don't overindulge. There's nothing worse than hitting the floor the next day with a full docket of more


Poll: Have you encountered racist climbing route names?

The system for naming climbing routes is about as unofficial as it could possibly be. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the first person to climb a new route simply makes up a moniker, starts using it, and eventually it catches on. There is no vetting process, no checks and more

Jose Gonzalez and James Edward Mills

Talking diversity with Latino Outdoors founder José González

Writer James Edward Mills of The Joy Trip Project sat down with Latino Outdoors founder José González at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show to explore this question. They talk about the state of diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors, why exposure is not the right way to pay more

podcast graphic

Poll | Do you listen to podcasts?

From Climbing Magazine's new podcast to Kristin Carpenter-Ogden's Channel Mastery to the dozens of others out there, podcasts have become a staple storytelling platform. We want to know if you're listening, and then in the comments, tell us which outdoor podcasts are your more

Annapurna Which long trail is on your bucket list?

Poll | What long trail do you dream of hiking?

Is there a hiker among us who doesn't fantasize about lacing up boots, loading up a pack, and hitting the trail for two weeks, a month, or even half a year? Long trails are the stuff of dreams. So we want to know: Which one is on your bucket list? *Note: There are so many others, more