Nite Ize introduces line of waterproof dry bags

The 30-year-old innovation company says its TRU Zip Technology is the first of its kind.
Nite Ize travel bags

For the past four years, the innovators at Nite Ize have been working on a special zipper for a new category of products that was introduced on Tuesday. The brand says their RunOff waterproof dry bags in various sizes feature the first-ever toothless, waterproof zipper.

Field staff, including founder Rick Case, have tested the compression bags in freshwater and saltwater, in the tropics and the arctic, in one meter of water for 30 minutes—and have even used the bags to carry out their own trash during trips.

"We're most excited about creating innovative products that solve problems and make people's lives easier," Case said. "When you look at our products, they protect gear and creatively solve everyday problems. This new product is an innovation in the closure space."

The proprietary zipper is said to be ultra-quiet, easy-to-use, and seals messes in or out. The bags are coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and can compress and flex as needed. 

"My favorite part of the entire solution is when you close it, you can actually feel the closure so you have this confidence that it's air tight," Case said. "You can tell when you squeeze it."

The bags comes in six sizes meant for:

  • Everyday carry, cards, cash, small accessories (MSRP $25)
  • Mobile phone, documents, cords ($30)
  • Carry-on liquids, meets TSA standards ($35)
  • Toiletries, other accessories ($40)
  • (Medium): Undergarments, gym clothes ($45)
  • (Large): Shoes/boots, two days of clothing ($55)

Like with its other products—think gear ties and Steelies—Nite Ize is confident that consumers will discover new and unexpected ways to use the new line of RunOff bags.