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Retailer Review: Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Bags and Cubes

Our gear tester at Roam’n Around likes the idea of waterproof cubes, pouches, and bags, but without all the twisting, snapping and fumbling associated with traditional dry bags and with the ability to see inside.
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Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Wallet

The RunOff Collection keeps water out.

Nothing ruins a backpacking or hiking trip faster than wet gear. But having everything in your pack organized and easily accessible in durable, waterproof bags makes that freak rainstorm way more manageable.

That’s why the Nite Ize RunOff waterproof cubes, pouches, and bags piqued my interest. With six size options—priced $25 to $55—they provide multiple solutions to easy organization, as well as waterproof peace of mind thanks to their durable TPU material.

The distinct feature I appreciated on these versus dry bags was the simple TRU Zip closure. The RunOff cubes, pouches, and bags use zippers, meaning faster in and out—a bonus when dealing with the afternoon thunderstorms that pop up all summer long in South Dakota. At first, it seemed the heartier waterproof zippers were a little tough to open, but with practice, that effort lessened. The zipper has a clear point on which you must pull to ensure it is closed properly. If the zipper doesn’t reach this point, your gear will get wet, dusty or dirty. At each end of the zipper, there are built in points that can be attached to pack loops, belts or cords. These points also provide a place to hold the bag when you pull the string to open or close the zipper.

Nite Ize TRU Zip waterproof zipper

Nite Ize's six sizes of RunOff Waterproof bags feature the first-ever toothless, waterproof zipper.

Another upgrade from regular dry bags is the clear panel allowing you to see the bag’s contents. You won’t even have to open a cube, pouch, or bag when it is raining to see what's inside.

The largest RunOff packing cube would fit best in a 30L+ pack and could stash several days worth of clothing, while the medium cube could separate my sleeping bag. I liked having a separate toiletry bag for bathroom necessities on my car camping adventures, while the 3-1-1 Pouch provides the perfect reusable bag for liquids when flying. As for the waterproof pocket, I placed my cellphone in it and was able to activate the touch screen through the clear side. They even make a waterproof wallet pouch! The 3-1-1 pouch, wallet, and pocket sizes contain loops, which allow you to hook them to your belt for easy access.

How well with the Nite Ize RunOff Collection sell in stores?

The Nite Ize RunOff waterproof collection is a great addition to the Nite Ize products we currently carry at Roam’n Around in Rapid City, South Dakota, complementing both our travel and outdoor departments. These products can be easily displayed giving our customers the opportunity to test the zipper feature. Our outdoor department can showcase these pieces by themselves, in a display, or in a backpack to demonstrate their use. We often have customers ask about waterproof pouches for wallets and cellphones, so the RunOff waterproof wallet and pocket will fill that need and will pair well with our current offering of checked luggage packing cubes and carry-on toiletry kits.

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