Trademark infringement is not kühl

KÜHL sues Jägermeister for using its trademark in an alcoholic beverage campaign.
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Jägermeister has caused a bit of confusion with a new campaign urging customers to "find a kühl spot" to drink. The word is German for "cool," as you might assume, but it's also trademarked by the Salt Lake City-based clothing company of the same name.

KÜHL has filed a lawsuit against Jägermeister in U.S. District Court in Utah, alleging trademark infringement and dilution. According to a press release from KÜHL, the company owns trademarks for the word in several classes, including clothing and spring water and beverages, which makes Jägermeister's use of it illegal.

Jägermeister's use of the word "kühl" is a trademark infringement, KÜHL says.

Jägermeister's use of the word "kühl" is a trademark infringement, KÜHL says.

“Using the trademarked name KÜHL to promote Jägermeister tarnishes our brand and is a clear infringement of our trademark rights. When I received a screenshot from a magazine publisher asking if KÜHL did a collaboration with Jägermeister, I knew this has created confusion and dilution in the marketplace," said the brand's founder and president, Kevin Boyle, in a press release issued Friday. "The KÜHL trademark is unique and distinctive in its appearance, and also, because it has more than one meaning. In German the word ‘kuhl’ is used in reference to temperature. It’s not used in reference to ‘smooth,’ ‘laid back,’ ‘hip’ or ‘in style.’"

KÜHL wrote in its press release that the brand will suffer loss of revenue and goodwill as a result of customer confusion.



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