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How to log into your new SNEWS account

We have a new website! Hopefully, you've already noticed. Here's how to get into your new account. It's easy, we promise.
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We have been hard at work at a brand-new website, and we are psyched to share that with you today. We hope you like it, too!

All you need to do to access our premium content like you have before is log into this site with your Facebook account. That's it. Just click "log in with Facebook," put in your password, and we'll connect your Facebook account with your SNEWS subscription. 

Here's what you need to do, step by step.

First, check your email for a note from us about how to log in to your new account. Current subscribers each received a unique link from us that will help us set up your account more quickly. If you didn't get that email or can't find it, please contact us by sending us a message on Facebook.

If you've never had a SNEWS account before, welcome! We're psyched you want to join. Here's where you can sign up for a free trial.

Whether you're coming through the email we sent you or the free trial link above, this process should be the same for you. You should find this page:

How to register new SNEWS site screenshot 1_05_2017

Click "Log in with Facebook." 

You'll get a page like this:

How to register new SNEWS site screenshot 4_05_2017

If you're not already logged into Facebook in your web browser, you'll be prompted to sign in. Do so, and then click "Continue as [Your Name]."

If you're an existing subscriber, here's what you should see:

How to register new SNEWS site screenshot 3_05_2017

If you're signing up for a free trial or new subscription, thanks! We've got a present for you. But first, you'll see this:

How to register new SNEWS site screenshot 5_05_2017

If you're an existing subscriber and you got to this screen after logging in through Facebook, please don't enter your credit card information again! Contact us and we'll fix your account so you can enjoy unrestricted access to SNEWS without entering your credit card information again until your subscription ends.

That's it! Any questions? Check out our FAQ. Additional questions not answered there? Reach out.


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