Fitness Reads: Sea otters need exercise, too; virtual workouts almost as good as real deal

Find out why sea otters need exercise too and why virtual workouts are almost as good as the real thing.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • There are good reasons why treadmills continue to be strong sellers for specialty fitness retailers: Running is a great way to slim down and stay fit. Why? Check out this Runner’s World story. It details the top four reasons running is best for weight loss.
  • Speaking of weight loss, some of your customers might be looking for tips on how to meet a goal. Prevention has got them covered with these 10 strategies, from weighing yourself daily to tracking food and exercise six days a week.
  • Indoor exercise? Outdoor exercise? Which works best? We like to mix it up, with runs outside and lifting weights and spin classes inside. It turns out we’re on to something: This KOMO News story reports doctors say the key to success is to find something you like to do — whether it’s inside or outside — because that will make you likelier to stick with it.
  • So we have an awesome idea, but we’re lowly reporters. What do we know about developing products? We shouldn’t be discouraged, according to this PC Mag story, as people with no experience in web development have had success building fitness apps. The story features the creators of the fitness social network Fitocracy, their inspiration and their greatest challenges in building the program.
  • Surprises, surprise, 80 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough exercise (we write as we sit on our duffs in our office, which is likely where you are reading this), according to this story. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American adults need 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic exercise.
  • Thank you to our pals at 2nd Wind Exercise, who said, “Sea otters need exercise too,” when they posted this on Facebook this week. It’s a video of an older sea otter, who apparently shoots hoops to improve his arthritic joints. Cute alert: This little old otter is adorable.
  • Do you think that exercise affects people of different body types differently — namely obese and lean people? We’ll soon have some scientific evidence to tell us whether or not that’s the case. The University of Michigan School of Kinesiology is studying whether exercise can correct the low sugar uptake in the obese group, according to this story.
  • The only surefire way to ensure you exercise every day is to get it over with first thing in the morning. But there are just those days: The alarm doesn’t wake you up to get to your morning workout. You’re running late and have to jump in the shower and get going. Don’t skip that workout, though! This Gulf News story says it’s important to get in daily exercise anytime it suits you.
  • Good news for fitness equipment manufacturers that incorporate a virtual workout experience into their networked fitness platforms: This story reports that virtual workouts are almost as good as the real thing. Though the story talks about workouts using products like Wii Fit and Kinect Sports, the effect should be the same for runs on treadmills that take you through scenic European landscapes and famous marathon courses.
  • We recently came across this write-in advice column in the Star Tribune. The latest installment gives tips to a fitness start-up that has developed a product called the (4-in-1) Trans4mer, but is having financing problems. The consultant, Alec Johnson, gives them advice to narrow their market entry point focus in order to secure bootstrap fundraising.

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