Fitness Reads: Get versed in 'Prancercize,' and read tips for fat-free summer

Get versed in 'Prancercize' and get tips for fat-free summer in this week's reads.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting?

  • Remember how popular all those fitness gadgets are? Turns out, there are some for your pup, too. People who spend at least eight hours a day away from their pets can purchase fitness tracking tools to find out what their animals do all day, and then modify their exercise schedule accordingly. This CNN story said the gadgets are the ticket to solving the pet obesity crisis.
  • Though it’s been a bit nippy this week in Colorado, it’s summer and we should focus on our health to brave the next few months of skin baring. Share this Ottawa Citizen story with top tips for a fat-free summer, including stepping up the strength training and eating for fuel, not fun.
  • Fitness is for everyone, but some facilities don’t make all people feel comfortable. This one in Wisconsin Rapids does. The Schuld couple recently opened their Shape Into Fitness gym to offer different types of group training to people of all fitness levels. Check out this Central Wisconsin Business story about how the Schulds make people feel welcome in their studio, and learn how you can incorporate their ideas to suit your business.
  • Several months ago, we heard about a Zumba instructor who was making her clients feel a little too comfortable by running a brothel out of her studio. We recently learned that she was sentenced to 10 months in jail for doing so. Yikes. In our hometown we would call this “escandalo” or scandalous. Check out this Boston Globe story.
  • Let’s be honest with ourselves: Getting a workout in is easier when you have cool gear. It just is. So what are your, and your customers', favorite brands to work out in? Lululemon? Nike? Check out this Global Post story about new fitness apparel brands on the market that offer fashionable apparel for workouts. Bodha and Cory Vines get shoutouts.
  • Prancercise? It isn’t your average workout, judging from the videos. First of all, the instructor has a perfect, '80s-style-Stepford-Wife look about her. It’s pretty much exactly like it sounds: walking with flair, or, prancing. It's designed to promote “physical and spiritual excellence,” according to this Kentucky Post story. Have your clients and customers prancercized lately?
  • Attention Florida Retailers, Florida Today has got your back with this story that gives busy folks instructions on how to build their home gym for $100. The story recommends people purchase jump ropes, kettelbells, a yoga mat and a full-length mirror, among other items. Tell us: What’s your one must-have in a home gym?
  • It’s good that classic kettlebells are on the list, because this Tahoe Daily Tribune story said they’re the one thing you need to be happier, stronger and more sociable. Seriously. The story discusses how the kettlebell swing is an exercise that could lead to all of these amazing things. We’re headed to our local fitness retailer to buy a kettlebell because everyone could use a little more happiness and strength.
  • Since we know a lot of you are forging partnerships with medical facilities, we think you might be interested to know that Dr. Oz recommends implementing a regular exercise program before folks go in for any sort of joint replacement surgery. Check out this Q&A column in the Telegram to get the scoop on the exercises Dr. Oz recommends for those planning to get joints replaced.
  • We all have a pain in the neck. No, we’re not talking about the neighbor’s dog who barks nonstop, but an actual pain in the neck that comes with sitting in front of a computer screen or doing some movement we’re not used to. Turns out we can alleviate the pain with a little bit of exercise. Check out this article and accompanying video on the Edmonton Journal’s website. They give us tips on how to get rid of the pain in the neck. As far as the barking dog, we don’t have any advice for you there.

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