Editor's Note | Christmas in May

Our brand new website showcases our industry-leading outdoor news, content, and features.
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The SNEWS team is so stoked to present our new website. From left to right: Outdoor Retail Sales Manager Brian Bauer, Assistant Editor Kassondra Cloos, National Sale Director Eric Henderson, Editor-in-Chief Kristin Hostetter, and Outdoor Guide and ORD Sales Manager Gregg Thayer. Photo by Louisa Albanese.

The SNEWS team is so stoked to present our new website. From left to right: Outdoor Retail Sales Manager Brian Bauer, Assistant Editor Kassondra Cloos, National Sale Director Eric Henderson, Editor-in-Chief Kristin Hostetter, and Outdoor Guide and ORD Sales Manager Gregg Thayer. Photo by Louisa Albanese.

Christmas in May...That’s what it feels like to me and the rest of the team here at SNEWS. And we just got the present we’ve been begging for—and working on—for a full year: This spiffy new website.

It’s a pretty big deal, and we hope it will make you see us in a whole new light.

SNEWS is now fast, mobile-friendly, interactive, and darn pretty look at, too.

To kick off this new chapter for SNEWS, we have a story that pulls together so many of the things that are important to us as your trusted outdoor industry source. "Wool, American Style," by Tracy Ross, not only reflects the type of deep, relevant industry reporting that you’ll only find on SNEWS, but our new site allows us to deliver it to you in a whole new way, with interactive content that brings stories to life.

SNEWS Buff for new subscribers

The first 250 new subscribers will receive this snazzy custom SNEWS BUFF.

We’ve also used this opportunity to re-invent our logo and tagline. Those things might sound like minor details, but a lot of soul-searching goes into them. We wanted our logo to be as fresh and clean and vibrant as our new site. And our old tagline, “Be an Industry Insider,” had started to feel too exclusive. We strive to do our part to make the outdoor industry and outdoor recreation as inclusive as possible, with content, news, and features that appeal to all outdoor-loving readers, not just industry insiders.

And nobody knows the outdoor industry—and covers it from all angles—like we do.

Of course, SNEWS has always—and will continue to—operate on a premium subscription model. Our most important and exclusive industry content—in-depth interviews, profiles, reports, and analysis—is only available to subscribers.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to subscribe. The first 250 new subscribers will receive one of our sweet new custom BUFFs, plus immediate access to our premium content and the ability to post press releases onto our site.

And if you want to get a taste of SNEWS before you subscribe, we totally get it. Here are three ways to do it:

For those of you who are current subscribers to SNEWS: Please be sure to migrate your membership over to our new platform. It just takes a couple clicks and then you'll be ready to do,

Thank you so much for supporting SNEWS and the outdoor industry.

As always, please reach out if you have any comments, questions, story ideas or scoops.


Kristin Hostetter, Editor-In-Chief, khostetter@aimmedia.com

Kristin Hostetter, Editor-In-Chief, khostetter@aimmedia.com


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