Did you hear?... MSR issues warning and recall for Denali Ascent and Classic

MSR has issued a warning and recall for Denali Ascent and red Denali Classic snowshoes made between September and November 2001.

MSR has issued a warning and recall for Denali Ascent and red Denali Classic snowshoes made between September and November 2001. While there is absolutely no danger to consumers, MSR has discovered that as a result of using a new plastic formulation, the snowshoe decks may begin cracking near the toe under extreme flexing or hard impacts. MSR is encouraging users to exchange shoes made during that period. Two date code dials on the bottom of the shoes can identify affected snowshoes. Those reading 9/01, X/01 and Y/01 should be exchanged. MSR has corrected the problem by reverting to its original plastic formulation.


Did you hear?... Trango issues limited recall for #1 MaxCams

Trango has announced a limited recall of the #1 MaxCams (red), no other sizes are affected. The Batch Numbers are 0605 and 0705 (next to the Trango logo on the cam lobe). The head axle rivets on the cams were smaller than specified, which means the cams could potentially fail ...read more

Did you hear?... MSR recalls MSR White Gas from one batch

Mountain Safety Research has issued a product recall in response to reports of leaking cans of MSR White Gas from one batch: #2003-2 (you can find the batch number on the front of the can directly under the words "1 Quart / 95 Liter" near the bottom of the label.) The fuel batch ...read more

Did you hear?... Climb for the Cause begins ascent of Denali in May

On May 16, the first non-guided team of mountain climbers with multiple sclerosis (MS) -- Climb for the Cause -- will begin their ascent of the highest point in North America -- Denali. Located between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Denali's summit is 20,320 feet above sea level and ...read more

Cascade Designs issues safety recall for MSR SuperFuel

Cascade Designs, Inc. (CDI) has issued a recall of MSR® SuperFuel™ cans from Lot #502-167. An investigation by the company has determined that the batch contains an undetermined number of defective cans that may leak fuel from either a defective seam or a loose fuel cap. MSR ...read more

Did you hear?... Barbell defect prompts recall by York

York Barbell has recalled 3,300 Olympic weightlifting bars after a defect caused two to break when loaded. No injuries were reported in the breakage, both of which occurred at one gym and were reported to York in late May by the dealer that sold the bars to the gym, said York ...read more

Did you hear?... Body-Solid recalls treadmills for unexpected speed changes

Body-Solid has recalled about 700 of four models of its Endurance treadmills in which static build-up was found to cause unexpected changes in speed, including acceleration and stops. The company, which contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission in late spring 2005 about ...read more

Did you hear?... Recall hits Hoist popular fold-up benches

Hoist Fitness has recalled 48,000 of six models of its fold-up exercise benches sold under both the Hoist and Body Gear names due to the hazard of potential hand or finger laceration or amputation. Two injuries were reported to Hoist in late 2005 by dealers of the benches, which ...read more

Did you hear?... Brinkmann Corp. recalls outdoor tabletop propane heater

In related news, the Brinkmann Corp. of Dallas, Texas, is recalling about 45,000 outdoor tabletop propane heaters with model number 833-1000-0 because they emit high levels of carbon monoxide, posing a risk of CO poisoning to users. The Consumer Product Safety Commission Thursday ...read more

CCH issues selective recall for Alien climbing cams

Colorado Custom Hardware has issued a selective recall of Alien climbing cams made since November 2004. Due to defective brazing by a subcontractor, the heads of the affected cams can pull off of the cable at low loads. The specific cams in question can be identified by a small ...read more