Strongback Chair

The Strongback Chair isn't the lightest deck, patio or camping chair, but it does provide much-needed back support our users found delightful

Deck, patio, backpacking and camping chairs are nearly a commodity. How do companies differentiate their chairs other than color, weight and maybe a drink holder or funny umbrella top? It’s tough to make yourself stand out in the camp/travel chair section.

Strongback, however, does. When the box arrived, we thought it was pretty heavy for one chair. When we pulled the chair out, we thought it was pretty big for a camp chair. But then we sat on it. And our neighbors sat on it. And friends at backyard outdoor parties we went to sat on it. Without fail, the first reaction from people when they sat down was, “Wow, this is comfortable.” Funny thing is, you had to prompt them to find out why. “Because it has back support,” was always the answer.

Strongback chair products have a patent-pending, built-in lumbar support, avoiding the normal sling back, slouch-encouraging framework.

We received the large Elite chair (photo, right) to test, and our smaller-built testers found they felt as if they were swimming a bit in the depth and height. One small tester could nearly sit cross-legged in it. This large one will support 300 pounds, conservatively, and has the width and breadth (28.25 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 36 inches high) for that size of person. It weighs 11.9 pounds so you won’t put it on your back readily, although tossed in the back of the car for outdoor gatherings, picnics or concerts is a no-brainer.

The smaller Zen chair (7.7 pounds) is for the smaller user at (33 inches wide, 23.5-inches deep and 31 inches high), although it’s still pretty wide and still can hold up to a 225-pound person.

Both are made of a heavy-duty polyester tear- and wear-resistant fabric with a silver-powder-coated steel frame. Inventor Ladd Lougee said he invented it after countless experiences squirming in a camp chair with a backache -- and finding out others have the same problem.

We love this chair. Even though heavier than normal, it sits proudly on our deck or patio. That’s not to say that a version with slightly lighter weight poles or material wouldn’t make us a bit happier. But right now the Strongback chair is a fave.

Suggested Retail:
$79.95 (large), $45.95 (small)

SNEWS® Rating: 4.5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

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