Highlander™ by GCI Outdoor

The Highlander™ by GCI Outdoor is Unlike Any Other Director-Style Chair You’ve Ever Seen!

The Highlander™ by GCI Outdoor is Unlike Any Other Director-Style Chair You’ve Ever Seen! GCI Outdoor is going to new heights with it’s first full-sized tall chair, the Highlander™. The two co-owners, Dan Grace and Jeff Polke (A.K.A. “The Chair Guys”) received many requests from customers for a full-sized chair that was high off the ground, but lightweight and easy to carry. Their solution was the innovative design of the Highlander™. There is no other director-style chair like this on the market; it is lightweight, sturdy, strong, easy to set-up, and extremely comfortable. The Highlander™ has Rigid-Frame Technology™ with a Triple-Rivet Joint Reinforcement Hub that makes this chair extremely sturdy and durable, holding up to 300 pounds! Although the Highlander™ boasts super strength, it is not super heavy, weighing a mere 8 pounds. The Highlander™ sets-up easily and folds into itself so it is as thin as a briefcase. The detachable carry strap makes transporting the Highlander™ an effortless task! Take it to the beach, the campsite, in the RV, tailgating, on the boat, fishing, anywhere – the possibilities are endless! The Highlander™ makes sitting for long periods of time an enjoyable experience! Both the backrest and the seat are padded. But to really take the comfort to the next level and have the Highlander™ stand out from the crowd, its backrest is at a 15-degree angle (instead of straight up and down) for that extra bit of sitting pleasure. And not only is the Highlander™ the most comfortable director-style chair, it is also the coolest looking seat with its unique fabric design. This new “techy” design is sure to have everyone asking, “Where did you get that amazing chair?”


Little Titan™ by GCI Outdoor

The Little Titan™ by GCI Outdoor is our first chair designed especially for kids. With a seat height of 12” and a tall 25” backrest, this chair has a durable steel frame and can hold up to 75 lbs. The Little Titan™ has a removable mesh cup-holder that can be attached to either ...read more

Wilderness Recliner™ by GCI Outdoor

The Wilderness Recliner™ by GCI Outdoor is the Ultimate Outdoor Luxury Reclining Experience! GCI Outdoor has combined the comfort of your favorite den chair with the portability of a small folding stool and you will have the luxurious Wilderness Recliner™. Unlike all those ...read more

Everywhere Chair by GCI Outdoor

Called "the best outdoor chair we've ever sold" by one retailer and "the best third seat for canoes" by another, the Everywhere Chair® by GCI Outdoor is quickly becoming the customer's choice for ultimate outdoor comfort. Re-designed new lumbar support! Fully padded and fully ...read more

SitBacker™ by GCI Outdoor

SitBacker™ by GCI Outdoor is for the canoe enthusiast who can finally buy some back support! The SitBacker™ makes your back feel like it's found the fountain of youth! The Sit-Backer™ conforms to plastic molded seats better than all other canoe seat styles! This is due to our ...read more

Pico Arm Chair by GCI Outdoor

PICO means small. And that is exactly what this chair is - a full-sized chair that compacts to 1/16th it size! The PICO by GCI Outdoor folds easily using the Patent Pending PICO Telescoping System™, an innovative technology developed by GCI Outdoor, Inc. This chair is easily ...read more


Strongback Chair

Deck, patio, backpacking and camping chairs are nearly a commodity. How do companies differentiate their chairs other than color, weight and maybe a drink holder or funny umbrella top? It’s tough to make yourself stand out in the camp/travel chair section. Strongback, however, ...read more

GCI Outdoor

GCI Outdoor was formed in 1996 after the birth of its first product the Everywhere Chair. Two years earlier, founder Dan Grace recognized the need for outdoor chairs to adjust to sloping terrain. Utilizing his engineering background, Grace tinkered with old lawn and beach chairs ...read more

Reactor® Stove by MSR

The Reactor Stove is state of the art cookware and a revolutionary stove design that is combine to create the fastest, most fuel efficient stove system ever. The Reactor radiant burner is enclosed by a unique heat exchanger for unmatched performance in windy conditions while an ...read more

Insulator™ by Platypus

The Insulator™ is a versatile hydration system that attaches to any pack or a kayak deck for easily accessible hydration. The insulated, taste-free Big Zip SL reservoir, drinking tube and bite-valve cover keep liquids cool or warm. D-rings provide secure, easy-to-use attachment ...read more