SNEWS Reviews: Brooks PureCadence and PureDrift

SNEWS reviews two products in Brooks Pure 2 line: The PureCadence 2 and the PureDrifts.

The PureDrift made quite a splash when it entered our lives.


A colleague came to our cubicle and said, “There’s a huge box for you in the mail room.” Intrigued, we briskly walked over to retrieve it and proceeded to tear it open.

Inside was a ginormous chocolate “FunFun Egg” with instructions on how to crack it open. From that chocolate egg, on which the Active Interest Media Outdoor Group office feasted for days, came not a chick but a pair of kicks.

Well played, Brooks. Well played. Though as recovering chocaholics, we’d like to see running shoes come with something a little healthier next time — say, an Edible Arrangement?

This lightweight product comes in at 5.1 ounces. It features the company’s BioMoGo DNA Midsole, IDEAL heel, dual toe flex, anatomical last, nav band and injected midsole. Plus it has a removable sock liner.

PureDrift Commendations: These shoes were light as a feather and pretty comfortable. They were perfect for dirt, city trails. The shoes were also quick-drying and did a great job promoting natural running form. The toe box was wide enough for our monster feet to feel comfortable.

PureDrift Complaints: As with most minimal shoes, they did not fare well on concrete or for longer runs. We made the mistake of running an entirely concrete marathon route in these shoes (which probably would have been a mistake in any pair of shoes). Another problem we noticed, which we saw were remedied in the production models currently in stores, was that the fabric dipped down on the top of the toe box, irritating our middle toes. This posed a problem on longer runs. They made our calves extremely sore.

PureDrift MSRP: $100

Though the PureCadence didn’t hatch from a chocolate egg like it’s lighter-weight counterpart, it did make more of an impact on our lives.


This shoe has been in the running rotation since Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August 2012. We started testing it the day after we received the sample at a press event.

It wasn’t love at first stride like it was with the first Pure Project line’s PureConnects, mostly because the toe box wasn’t as wide. It took a while to break them in, and we had the usual growing pains period that lasted about five or six runs.

But once broken in, we used them for all distances — the farthest being 18 miles — and the only bad that came of it was a small blister on the outside of our right baby toe.

The technologies included in this product are the company’s BioMoGo DNS Midsole, IDEAL Heel, Toe Flex, Nav Band (which is visible on the outside in the Pure 2 line) and an anatomical last.

PureCadence 2 Commendations: This shoe is a perfect weight. It’s not too heavy; it’s not too light. It’s versatile: We took it on rocky, cut-up trails and longer runs on pavement. We didn’t experience any problems on either type of run. This shoe is sturdy and cushy despite being lightweight (it comes in at 7.7 ounces).

PureCadence 2 Complaints: The toe box could stand to be a little bit wider. Though we’re as radiant as a chandelier, we are anything but dainty — our feet are more like the evil stepsisters’ than Cinderella’s.

PureCadence 2 MSRP: $120

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