We tried it | 8 drinking vessels that will keep your beer ice-cold on hot summer days

By testing, we mean we took the temperatures of each beer to find out how the vessels retained their chill on a 90-degree day.
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We're all on the hunt for outdoor products that are going to enhance our experiences, and beer gear is no exception. On a recent 90-degree day in sunny Colorado, I drank beer from eight different vessels (with help from a few friends) designed to keep my beer ice-cold and therefore, make drinking beer outdoors as pleasant of an experience as it should be.

Each beer started at 38 degrees (with the exception of two bottles tested). I took the temperature of the beer after 30 minutes to see how each was fairing in the heat of my backyard. I used beer from Upslope Brewing since it's made to be enjoyed outdoors and I used a standard beer thermometer from my local brewery and homebrew supply store, Brewmented. 

Find out how each brand performed and what features each has to offer.  

Know of any other great outdoor beer gear? Let me know about it.


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