The last 17 days have been monumental for Patagonia. The company on Monday announced—with surprise and delight—that it raised $10 million in donations for 1,043 grassroots environmental organizations in the U.S. and Europe.

Patagonia planned on keeping the donation period open until Dec. 31, but they reached the pledged goal of $10 million early on Dec. 15. The brand is matching donations for a $20 million total gift.

“We’re energized by our community’s response,” said Lisa Pike Sheehy, who leads Patagonia’s environmental activism team. “Together we made history—in 17 days, our community raised $10 million for environmental nonprofits. This is extraordinary generosity to some of the most deserving and under-appreciated efforts to save the planet.”

Donations were made through Patagonia Action Works, a platform that connects individuals with local grassroots organizations to take action on the most pressing issues facing the world today. 

Earth Law Center, Conservation Lands Foundation, City Kids Wilderness Project, Native Fish Society, and Environmental Defense Center were a few of the organizations to benefit. 

"Thanks to Patagonia's donation matching, we can launch environmental campaigns in up to five more countries next year, resulting in new laws that protect rivers, oceans and forests," said Grant Wilson, Earth Law Center's executive director and directing attorney. "We will also be able to train thousands more lawyers and judges on ecological-based legal movements that can save the planet. Patagonia's impact is momentous."

To date, Patagonia has donated more than $110 million to nonprofits working on environmental problems facing communities and the planet.

"Our home planet has taken some big hits over the past few years: Our government ceded our world leadership to fight the climate crisis, our air quality has worsened, our public lands were reduced by millions of acres, access to clean water is being threatened, and green energy policies are on the back burner," Patagonia CEO and President Rose Marcario wrote on LinkedIn. "...Much to our surprise and delight, we got an early holiday present; our community came through in a way we never could have imagined."