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About Outside Media: Outside Media offers top-level marketing services to partners in the outdoor industry. With offices in Montana, Utah and Arizona, the company develops and executes strategic communications through public relations, social media, digital marketing, creative services, advertising and sports/community marketing. Outside Media team members' true passion for the outdoors drives the authenticity and accuracy in their work. www.outsidemedia.com 



SOAR Communications

SOAR Communications is a strategic, full-service marketing communications agency focused on the sports, outdoor, athletic, recreation and sporting goods industries, thus, the moniker SOAR. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, America's playground for year-round recreation, SOAR was ...read more

Treehouse Communications

Treehouse CommunicationsDurango, Colo.treehousepr.com As children, the Treehouse was a place to tell stories, imagine new possibilities and create new worlds to explore. These days, instead of shouting to our friends from a leaf-covered perch, we use public relations and digital ...read more


Revolution House Media

Revolution House Media enjoys the challenge of building recognition and increasing market share for innovative brands in the outdoor, tactical and lifestyle markets. Quantifiable results through media relations, editorial coverage, social media management and strategic ...read more


Momentum Media PR

Momentum Media PR is a public relations agency serving clients in the fashion, fitness, and mainstream consumer markets, with an emphasis on emerging brands and sustainability. We're located in Boulder, living an adventure lifestyle among our media peers, and in Boston, with ...read more

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SPARK is an imaginative and energetic team of thinkers, writers, doers, runners and levitators of small fruit who mix authenticity, creativity, focus and 16 years of experience with an occasio SPARK opens doors and windows, stirs imagination, stokes fires, and, when the timing ...read more