Hot New Product of the Week: A book about climbing, hitchhiking, and mental health

"Everything I Loved More" is an illustrated collection of true short stories about free solo rock climbing and freight train hopping across America.
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Cover of Everything I Loved More book

Everything I Loved More is a rollercoaster of true short stories that follow a young man searching for sincere adventure along the tops of freight trains and mountain ranges.

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Pitched by Dakota Walz, author of "Everything I Loved More":

While freight train hopping and hitchhiking from Missouri to Oregon and down to Mexico, there was one item I never left home without: my journal. I recorded my adventures when I should have been calling my girlfriend to let her know I hadn't fallen while free solo rock climbing high above the desert or been kidnapped by the meth head trucker I was hitching with. 

All the stories come straight from the heart of my journal. Together they address an important journey, one of a young man attempting to combat his mental health problems with a potent dose of recklessness–and just how well it almost works. 

Every story is 100 percent true. Good and bad. 

Dakota Walz taking a rest on a climb

Dakota Walz is a Boulder-based climber and now author.

Here's a snippet:

As I dream of the future, my eyes drift back to the rock below. I’m certain I can climb it without falling, but the need to find out is still there. The fear of missing this opportunity—of failing—outweighs the fear of death. Without another thought, I climb back down to the water's edge.

Water crashes below me like dogs barking at an intruder. Sliced fingertips grip sharp volcanic pockets on either side of the corner. I hang high above water that I wouldn't be able to escape again. With this in mind, I place every finger and toe with laser focus. The distinct bite of saltwater nips at the corners of my eyes. I can't tell if this is one of the most amazing moments of my life, or if I wish I were anywhere else in the world.

Pre-sales for "Everything I Loved More" in print and audiobook, along with illustrated prints, are available on Kickstarter until Aug. 29.

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