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How to sell: Climbing Harnesses

A SNEWS® Training Center article written by the editors of SNEWS®and brought to you by CAMP USA[advertising_display billboard_name="|HTS_Harness|" number_to_display="|3|"]The Basics• Know your customer and sell to their needs • Comfort is king • Women want women-specific product ...read more

TF Base Harness by TrailFlex

This innovative, patent-pending design of the TF Base Harness by TrailFlex provides a torso-hugging foundation on which sports enthusiasts can attach a wide variety of gear - from binocular cases to cell phone pouches - with comfort, convenience and easy access. The TrailFlex™ ...read more


Verde Fulfillment USA

www.verdefulfillmentusa.com Verde Fulfillment USA - We're more than a simple fulfillment company Verde Fulfillment USA is the premier eco-friendly order fulfillment services center for the United States. We help brands in many industries, from outdoor industry fulfillment, ...read more