Elevator Pitch | Farm to Feet's Bears Ears sock

More than just a sock, this one actually gives money to support our national monuments. Ride the elevator with CEO Kelly Nester to learn about his limited edition #SaveBearsEars sock.
100 percent of the proceeds from this sock go to The Conversation Alliance.

100 percent of the proceeds from this sock go to The Conversation Alliance.

National Public Lands Day is this Saturday, September 30th. This week we launched a limited-edition Bears Ears sock to celebrate the event and help support the Conservation Alliance Public Lands Defense Fund.

We recently learned from the report submitted to the White House that four national monuments are being reduced in size, including Bears Ears, and altering the restrictions on six others.

We strongly believe in public lands and want to do all we can to help protect and fight for these precious resources.

100 percent of net proceeds from our limited-edition Bears Ears sock support the Conservation Alliance who with the support of other outdoor brands is doing everything in its power to preserve public lands for future generations.

Less than 500 pairs of the sock have been knit. The sock’s design is inspired by the National Monument’s landscape and includes the text “#SaveBearsEars” around the inside of its welt. The Bears Ears, two elevated buttes that the monument derides its name, are prominently featured on the inside and outside ankles with colorful wide stripes inspired by the area’s high desert color pallet. We are offering it in two colors – Monument Blue and SacRed.

We are selling the socks for $25 (including shipping) and we hope we will sell out of them quickly, so that our public lands can be public forever.

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