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Elevator pitch | Ultimate Direction OCR Vest

Even through tough and muddy obstacle courses, this vest holds up.
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Amelia Boone wearing Ultimate Direction vest

Amelia Boone, an obstacle course racer and endurance athlete, clips a waterbottle into an Ultimate Direction hydration vest. She is an ambassador for the brand and helped develop the new OCR Vest.

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Ride the elevator with Buzz Burrell, brand vice president of Ultimate Direction.

We started the running hydration category in 1985 and continue to lead with "firsts." There are an estimated 5 million obstacle course racers (OCR) in the United States and yet no brand had made a vest specific for these athletes until Ultimate Direction. OCR is filled with passionate and first time runners. Our brand credibility makes us an easy choice for picking the perfect vest for racing and training.

Our OCR Vest is great for racers because it's made of a very durable, nylon rip-stop fabric that holds up to the abuse of water, mud, and abrasion against walls, the ground, and other hazards along the course. It's also a perfect training vest because it has enough capacity to carry water/sports drinks and other items, such as extra clothes and food needed during long runs. For non-elite OCRers who aren't as concerned with finishing place or speed, the Tech Flip Pocket on the front of the pack is a fun way to stop and capture the event on the go. The pocket is water- and weather- resistant, and it flips down and faces out so you can take pictures or video, then secure it back in place all without touching it or taking it out of the pocket. When we were developing this product we consulted and used OCR World Champion Amelia Boone to develop the right fit and features. We see a lot of OCRers wearing ill-fitting or unnecessarily bulky packs, so we're excited to bring what runners love about our product to this huge sport.

  • MSRP $109.95
  • Available September 2018
  • Flex Form 600ML Bottle Pocket up front for hydration on the go (consistent with all UD running vests)
  • Reservoir and Flex Form 600ML bottle compatible (not included)
  • Two sizes: Small/medium, Medium/Large
  • Weight: 166 grams
  • Volume: 5 liters
Ultimate Direction OCR Vest elevator pitch

OCR Vest comes in unisex sizes and was made for obstacle course racers.

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