Elevator Pitch: Climb-On Maps

You're in the elevator with Stefani Dawn, co-founder of Climb-On Maps, which makes detailed maps of approaches and walk-offs for some of the largest (and often confusing) rock climbing areas in the U.S. Here's her rap.

Have you ever gotten lost trying to find your way to a climb or off a climb? Especially in some place as fantastic and confusing as Red Rock Canyon, NV or Joshua Tree, CA? Get lost no more! We provide the most detailed rock climbing access trail maps available. These loose-leaf, multi-page, waterproof, tear-proof maps include: 

• labeled orientation photos (e.g. turn left here)

• trail difficulty (easy, moderate, strenuous, or soul crushing) 

• terrain features (e.g. boulder field versus steep, loose, scree); and, if applicable, points of exposure (bone breaking, major damage, or RIP). 

Climb-On Maps

Climb-On Maps offer helpful suggestions and details about route difficulty.

Now, know what you are getting into beforehand. Or, you can easily change your plans if the approach or walk off seems like too much epic potential. Our maps are also fantastic to help plan your day. We provide the most comprehensive summary of route statistics available (compiled from all available guidebooks and Mountain Project). At a glance, see how many routes are on a wall, the proportion of trad/sport/top rope, and the proportion of grades (≤ 5.9, 5.10-5.11, ≥5.12). 

You can also easily see the relative location of walls, whether they have the type of climbs you want, the distance and difficulty to get to each wall, and the easiest way to get from one wall to the next. After you have planned your day and are ready to go, just grab the map page you need and shove it in your pack or pocket. 

Don’t worry, it won’t tear or run out of batteries!

Learn more about Climb-On Maps here.

Elevator Pitches are written by the company and edited for space and clarity. They do not express the opinions of SNEWS or its editors.


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