Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Merchandising Tours

The upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show floor will be full of merchandising ideas. Don't miss a thing by joining our Merchandising Tour led by Robin Enright at the show.

Getting a chance to walk the floor at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, never mind finding time to dive deep on details of a particular booth, is challenging for many ORSM attendees. But the show is full of merchandising excitement, and a key benefit of being on the ground in Salt Lake is seeing exhibitors’ creativity for yourself.

Don’t miss a thing: Join the Merchandising Tour co-sponsored by SNEWS and Outdoor Retailer to learn which tricks and tips conjure merchandising magic. The tours — led by yours truly — are designed to provide inspiration and explore creative methods you can bring back to your home environment.

Active members of Pinterest, an online inspiration board powered by social media, will understand the format well. One element detail will be singled out in up to 12 booths per tour. Lighting, flooring, display, signage, technology, props and color all have potential to drive traffic. You might be surprised to learn that some of the simplest (and least expensive) methods can be the most eye-catching and effective.

Sample stops from previous tours:

New Balance: Fun footwear art on booth exterior wall got lots of attention!

Columbia: A science lab made the technical, tactile.

Woolrich: Past and present were woven artfully together in heritage display stories.


United by Blue: Booth construction was consistent with brand messaging.

Prism: Appreciated the value of merchandising product out of its package and incorporating it into display.


Ex Officio:
Why not do the unexpected and spotlight underwear centerstage?

Native: Out of the glass display case and onto the carousel! Glasses were easily shopped by the consumer in this playful fixture and required little recovery by sales staff.

Taos: Retail and booth fixturing is the foundation for your product and should message your brand like these southwestern themed bookcases did for Taos.


Join in the excitement and see where the ORSM 2012 merchandising tours will end up! Tours will be held on Friday, 8/3 and Saturday, 8/4 at 11 a.m. with Friday’s tour geared towards exhibitors and Saturday’s focused on the retail environment. Each tour will last approximately one hour. Space is limited so reserve your spot by emailing merchandisingtour@snewsnet.com

And while we are talking merchandising excellence, please let us know if you think your booth design might have what it takes to make it to the BOB podium by sending an email alert before OR to merchandising editor, Robin Enright, at robin@merchandisingmattersnow.com

SNEWS Merchandising Editor Robin Enright

is the founder of Merchandising Matters,


which provides
visual merchandising and

marketing support to the outdoor retail industry.

Reach her via email at

with questions, ideas and suggestions.



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