Outdoor Retailer Daily submission deadlines and guidelines nearing

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market (Jan. 19-22, 2012) is nearly two months away, but some of the deadlines for coverage in the official newspaper covering Winter Market – O.R.D. powered by SNEWS® – are just around the corner.

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market (Jan. 19-22, 2012) is nearly two months away, but some of the deadlines for coverage in the official newspaper covering Winter Market – O.R.D. powered by SNEWS® – are just around the corner.

You want your events, products and company news covered in O.R.D. (Outdoor Retailer Daily), and we want to be sure you are covered, but that requires your help in following a few simple submission guidelines.

The goal is to offer the best understanding of how to work with the O.R.D. team to ensure maximum opportunity for coverage of your company, products and news at the show.

New Product Gallery – getting your products noticed

You must submit by the November 21, 2011 deadline and follow our submission guidelines – late submissions or those not following our guidelines will not be considered for publication in this free section.


To submit a product for O.R.D. New Product Gallery publication consideration, email the SNEWS/O.R.D. editors at ordailygallery@snewsnet.com. Include the following information in EXACTLY this format written directly into the email body please — NO attached documents other than the photo:

  1. Company Name
  2. Product Name
  3. Booth Number
  4. Product MSRP
  5. Company website URL
  6. A 50-word product description (NO MORE THAN 50 WORDS!) that will help us describe why the product is cool, unique, innovative and worth checking out. Readers of the O.R.D. need to hear facts about features and function, not just gushing, colorful descriptors filled with superlatives.
  7. And, very important, one and ONLY one high-resolution image of your product suitable for printing, in .jpeg or .gif format – so we’re prepared to run it if we do choose it. Your photo MUST have a file name in the following format as well: YOURCOMPANY_PRODUCTNAME_PG. So, for example, for a photo that would go with The North Face Denali Jacket for women, the photo file name would be: TheNorthFace_DenaliJacket-Wmns_PG. Photos not submitted according to the strict formatting and naming guidelines above will not be considered for publication.

You are certainly welcome to submit multiple products for publication consideration, but you MUST send a separate email for each submission. Also, please keep in mind you will likely only receive one product picked for publication since we need to ensure we are being fair and balanced in providing space and product coverage to as many exhibitors as possible.

New Exhibitors – welcome to Outdoor Retailer

New exhibitors have no reason to be shy at Outdoor Retailer this winter. Let SNEWS® introduce you to the crowd.

If you're an owner or CEO of a company that will be a new exhibitor at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market we want to give you the opportunity for free coverage and exposure in O.R.D. Send an email to ordnewexhibit@snewsnet.com by Dec. 19, 2011 requesting a submission form that you will need to fill out completely to be considered for coverage.

Keep in mind that we will likely not be able to include every submission so make sure you take the time to fill out the submission form completely, be creative, and tell us why your company or product or founders are newsworthy! Those companies that are not included in the O.R.D., and all of those that are, will receive bonus coverage in SNEWS online prior to the show to ensure Winter Market attendees know who you are before they arrive on the trade show floor.

O.R.D. Product Zone – The ONLY place you can guarantee your product will be covered

We will always treat every exhibitor with an equal amount of attention – O.R.D. advertiser or not, SNEWS® subscriber or not, large company or small, newbie or long-timer – when determining what products or companies we choose to feature in O.R.D. We would love it if we had sufficient pages to promise that every company who submits products to our New Product Gallery will be featured; however, there are simply too many product submission requests and too little space -- all from very good companies pitching very good products.

The only way to absolutely guarantee that your company’s product will appear in the O.R.D. for Winter Market 2012, is to reserve one or more Product Zone placements (pictured, right) with our sales team. It is not free, but it is more robust, and you can publish as many products as you want in the Product Zone. To get more information about this, contact ordailysales@snewsnet.com and Elizabeth Averbeck, our sales manager, will be happy to take care of you. Ad reservations close for the O.R.D. Product Zone on December 15, 2011, so earlier contact is best.

O.R.D. Schedule of Events – How do I get my party, press conference, other event or gathering published?

The deadline to submit information about your trade show events (press conferences, celebrity appearances, autograph signings, prize drawings, contests, giveaways, happy hours, parties and other hoopla) for the O.R.D. Schedule of Events is December 19, 2011.

To submit your event/party/or seminar for O.R.D. publication consideration, email the SNEWS/O.R.D. editors at ordailyevents@snewsnet.com. Include the following information in EXACTLY this format, written directly into the email body please — no attached files or documents:

  1. Event name (if possible, make it fun, catchy and creative – and NO more than eight words).
  2. Category for it to be listed in (you may choose ONLY one of the following six): Events - Munchies, Happy Hours & More - Seminars - Cool Stuff for Small Donations* - Free Stuff - After Hours
  3. Date of the event
  4. Time the event begins
  5. Time the event ends
  6. Booth number and your company name
  7. In 25 words OR LESS, describe why anyone should pay attention to your event. Again, make it compelling and fun! If you give us more than 25 words, we may not run your event, so keep it tight.

*If you are not donating 100% of the proceeds (i.e., not just the profits) you will not be included in this section. Note that show guidelines stipulate that you are not permitted to sell anything at Outdoor Retailer unless all the money goes to a legitimate 501(c)3 nonprofit company.

If you have a change or a late addition (we all know how party planning can go), feel free to continue to email the 411 to ordailyevents@snewsnet.com – concise is best. We can’t promise anything that is sent to us after the deadline will be included, but we will certainly do our best.

Submitting news to the O.R.D. team to consider for publication

News never has a deadline, but the sooner you get your Outdoor Retailer-related press releases to our editors the better. We’re always looking for newsworthy information about your company’s trends, marketing strategies, sponsorships, advocacy efforts, promotional campaigns, overall product line launches, fun events and parties, and even funny show stories. BUT…any news we consider for O.R.D. must be specifically relevant to the show -- something at the show, being unveiled at the show, announced at the show, etc.

In sum, if it is news that folks can follow up on at the show then O.R.D. wants to know about it. Send this information to the editors of SNEWS at ordailynews@snewsnet.com. Chances of inclusion improve if you send your information in the form of a well-written press release with an accompanying supporting photograph, if pertinent to the pitch, and in a high enough resolution to print. Please also include the best contact(s) to reach for further questions, and their best mode of contact before and during the show. And the booth number is mandatory too.

I am not an official exhibitor, but I want to get my news into the O.R.D. How do I do that?

You MUST be an official exhibitor or officially showing to be included in the O.R.D. as part of any editorial or photography coverage; however, you are certainly welcome to advertise in the O.R.D. provided there is space available. Contact our sales team at ordailysales@snewsnet.com.

OK, so what are those official O.R.D. emails again?

For the O.R.D. Schedule of Events – ordailyevents@snewsnet.com

For news coverage consideration at the show – ordailynews@snewsnet.com

For consideration in the New Product Gallery – ordailygallery@snewsnet.com

For new exhibitors features -- ordnewexhibit@snewsnet.com

For general comments and questions – ordaily@snewsnet.com

And, for O.R.D. ad sales and classifieds, both at this O.R.D. and at upcoming shows – ordailysales@snewsnet.com

If you submit a release or product highlight to one email, above, please do not submit it to others. Determine where your information fits, then email us there!

Not show news but still news?

We definitely still want to hear about news that is not related to the show. But if it is news that does not pertain to something happening at the show or is not related to the show in some way, then it may be best suited for SNEWS® online before or after the show and not for O.R.D. For that please do not use the ordaily emails but, rather, use your normal mode of contact: news releases to news@snewsnet.com or, for general communication, snewsbox@snewsnet.com.

--SNEWS Editors