Youth Alpinist Matt Moniz Selected Adventurer of the Year

Mountain Hardwear athlete/youth climber Matt Moniz is selected as National Geographic Adventure’s Adventurer of the Year. Matt is one of ten nominated, and the voting for the People’s Choice Award starts today!

Mountain Hardwear athlete and youth climber Matt Moniz is honored to be selected as 2010 Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic Adventure(NGA). Matt is one of ten adventurers selected, and the voting for the People's Choice Award starts today! Matt is the only youth adventurer in the running, so be sure to cast your vote every day through January 15th 2011. Read what NGA has to say about him here.

Matt is 12-year-old phenom climber that is being recognized for his 50-50 Expedition in which he summited the 50 U.S. high points in just 43 days. Although he holds the speed record and is the youngest to complete the task, he and his climbing partner (and father, Mike) are more interested in advocating to get youth outdoors than chalking up records. Matt has a deep-seated passion for wild spaces, and he hopes his work as an ambassador for the Outdoor Nation will help inspire more kids to get outside and play.

Matt already has a history of giving back through his climbing. During his 2009 summer vacation, he and his dad summited 14 of Colorado's 14,000-ft peaks (in 8 days) to raise money and awareness for his best friend, Iain Hess, who suffers from a rare disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). Iain constantly works for breath, like he's on an 8000-meter peak, even when he's sitting on his couch. Matt saw the correlation between high altitude climbing and his friend's disease and decided to do something to make a difference. And that he did...His climbing has raised more than $25,000 for PAH research.

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