Yakima Announces First U.S. Distributor Relationship with QBP

New Partnership Provides Greater Order Flexibility with Smaller Shipments and Enhanced Customer Service for Yakima’s Independent Bike Retailers

Expanding on its promise to deliver the best products in the most effective manner, Yakima today announced its first partnership with a U.S. distributor, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), located in Bloomington, Minn. This partnership enables Yakima's specialty retail accounts to order smaller product quantities and provide available product SKU's on short notice. It also allows retailers to take advantage of free shipping by bundling their Yakima order with other vendors. QBP will carry the full line of Yakima products except for cargo boxes. Retailers will have the flexibility to utilize both QBP and/or Yakima.com, choosing the most effective process for their needs.

“QBP is by far the largest and most sophisticated distributor in this industry,” said Ron Ten Berge, vice president of sales and business development for Yakima. “They provide outstanding customer service and speed of delivery while offering our products to a larger audience in an effective and streamlined manner. Previously, Yakima products were only available to customers that bought direct; they had to purchase our products in relatively large quantities and could not combine their orders with other vendors. With QBP, the smaller independent dealers and regional chains will be the primary retail partners that will benefit from this new partnership.”

Through this agreement, Yakima will deliver products to its specialty retailers in a more effective manner and establish a connection with QBP's independent retail accounts, opening new doors for growing its business. “We will create a new way of doing business for the specialty retailer who thrives on processing small replacement orders across multiple sport channels,” continued Ten Berge.
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“Our partnership with Yakima essentially provides a one-stop shop for independent bike retailers,” said Rich Tauer, product director for QBP. “This is an ideal situation for Yakima's specialty retailers who still want to sell the product, but are tasked with limited inventory space and small store footprints. We welcome Yakima as a partner to help better serve its independent retail audience.”

About Yakima
Yakima is a world leader in the design and manufacture of destination hardware and gear management solutions. Yakima's products include: vehicle racks for bikes, boats, ski equipment and gear; and a line of cargo boxes and bags for a variety of needs. Yakima Products is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. For more information, visit www.yakima.com.

About QBP
Based in Bloomington, MN, QBP is a leading distributor to the cycling industry. QBP offers domestic and international retailers a wide array of products and services including a 1,500-page catalog, a robust online ordering system, a renowned custom wheel service, a specialty bike-building program and more. QBP continues to be an active advocate for the cycling industry. For more information, please contact Jo Wright, director of marketing at 952-941-9391, or visit: www.QBP.com.