XYIENCE Unveils NOX-V2, the Second Generation of its Popular Pre-training Formula

XYIENCE is rolling out a completely revamped line of supplements with NOX-V2, a sugar and caffeine-free pre-training formula that is the next generation of the popular NOX-GX3.

LAS VEGAS (September 3, 2009) XYIENCE established itself as a leader in sports nutrition in 2004, with the introduction of the first supplement line formulated specifically for the mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete. The company continues its commitment to the MMA and fitness communities, rolling out a completely revamped line of supplements with NOX-V2. The first in a series of supplements to be introduced during the last half of 2009 and early 2010, NOX-V2 is a sugar and caffeine-free pre-training formula that is the next generation of XYIENCE’s wildly popular NOX-GX3.

“As the originator of supplements for the MMA athlete, XYIENCE prides itself in being an innovative sports nutrition brand. So while there’s been a lot of news coming out of the beverage division, simultaneously, XYIENCE has been working with the top researchers and consultants in the sports nutrition field to create the most effective line of supplements,” explains Csaba Reider, XYIENCE president and CEO. “As athletes continue to push the sport of MMA to new levels, we are working to ensure that professional fighters and weekend warriors alike reach their optimal performance level.”

XYIENCE has garnered international attention as the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which reaches some 420 million households worldwide via televised broadcasts.

“To develop NOX-V2, we also utilized our team of brand ambassadors, including UFC fighters Wanderlei Silva and Matt Serra, and their trainers, in the process,” explains Darin Malhke, XYIENCE director of sales operations and fighter relations.

“NOX-V2 is just the beginning,” adds Reider, “We have a host of exciting new products set to be released in the months ahead, all developed with the needs of the MMA athlete as a priority. Still, they translate easily into the realms of action and traditional sports.”

NOX-V2 is a solution for athletes looking to maximize their training or break a performance-stifling plateau and features XYIENCE’s exclusive Nitro-Shox Blend, a clinically tested formula that promotes muscle growth, boosts energy levels, and aids in recovery. One key ingredient separates NOX-V2 from the competition – citrulline malate – a compound that’s been through an extensive multi-year testing process and has proven its ability to promote improved athletic performance due to the increase of muscle ATP or energy source, within the cell.

Using the latest in delivery technology, the Nitro Shox Blend mobilizes the heat shock proteins that trigger muscle fiber repair and production, enabling muscles to receive anabolic nutrients faster. Beyond this, it extends the life of muscles’ glycogen stores, thus delaying muscular fatigue and increasing endurance. NOX-V2 is now available in Cherry Lime, a best-selling flavor of XYIENCE’s energy drink, Xenergy Premium, which is the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A 1.1-pound container can be purchased at www.xyience.com and select XYIENCE retailers.

Active ingredients in NOX-V2 include beta-alanine and leucine. Beta-alanine is a unique amino acid that increases the body’s carnosine levels, buffering the hydrogen ions that cause a PH imbalance during exercise. Scientific studies confirm that Beta-alanine increases explosive power output, strength, and aerobic capacity, and delays fatigue. Leucine is an essential amino acid that plays numerous metabolic roles essential to increased performance, including increasing protein synthesis and reducing the muscle protein breakdown associated with intense exercise.

Citrulline malate consists of citrulline, a non-essential amino acid that increases a user’s aerobic capabilities and energy level, even after a workout. Though found in foods like watermelon or apples, obtaining the proper amount of citrulline in one’s diet is virtually impossible.

Citrulline also regulates nitric oxide—seemingly better than the amino acid argenine even—significantly reducing lactic acid and ammonia in the body. Ammonia is produced in large quantities through exercise and inhibits the energy cycle, and is extremely toxic to all cells and results in latic acid build up and extreme fatigue.


XYIENCE nutritional products provide clean, sustainable energy necessary for an active lifestyle. Established in Las Vegas in 2004, XYIENCE is one of the fastest-growing brands in its category. All products are held to the most stringent standards of excellence to enable professional and amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts to reach their goals in training and life.

Xenergy (A combination of Zen and Energy, pronounced “Zen-ergy”)

XYIENCE supports the mixed martial arts lifestyle. Its energy drink, Xenergy, and its energy shot, X Shot, are the official energy drink and energy shot of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The first energy drink created by a nutrition company, Xenergy has zero calories and is a sugar-free drink fortified with vitamins. All-natural flavors provide a consistent supply of energy, sans the “crash” inherent with most other energy drink brands. Xenergy Premium Energy flavors include Cherry Lime, Cran Razz, Mango Guava and Blu Pom. Xenergy Xtreme Energy flavors include Lemon Blast, Citrus Slam, Cherry Rush and Apple Jak’d. Xenergy is available in retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. Visit www.xyience.com for details.

XYIENCE Supplements

XYIENCE supplements provide ultimate nutrition for peak performance. With everything from NOX-V2—for increasing strength and stamina and aiding in post-exercise recovery—to high-quality protein supplements such as the XProtein shake or the XM2 muscle meal, XYIENCE offers products scientifically formulated for specific training needs.