Werner Paddles Defines SUP Paddling Styles

In the fast moving category of Stand Up Paddling, Werner Paddles has redefined paddling styles to make it easier for both dealers and end customers to understand which paddle is the best fit.

In the fast moving category of Stand Up Paddling, Werner Paddles has redefined paddling styles to make it easier for both dealers and end customers to understand which paddle is the best fit. Just as Werner pioneered the widely accepted terms “Low Angle” and “High Angle” in touring kayaking, they are now leading the way in defining paddling styles in SUP.

“Previously we used “Surfing” and “Touring” to define the blade style that best fit the a stand up paddler, but it turned out that is not how people were actually using the paddles. This did not account for a surfer who like to take off with one powerful stroke or an inland paddler who wants a great work out while being easy on their body,” says Jim Miller Werner's Marketing Manager. Werner has introduced new language that more accurately fits paddling styles as they see explosive growth from coastal regions to inland water ways. The two styles are “Low Cadence” and “High Cadence.”

Low Cadence: (Formally Touring)
Low cadence paddling is popular with stronger, well conditioned paddlers who like power and responsiveness in each stroke. The larger blade surface area of low cadence paddles is ideal for cruising and maintaining a higher top end speed by providing greater resistance to each stroke.

Low Cadence paddles from Werner include the Spanker and the Advantage.

High Cadence: (Formally Surfing)
High cadence designs have a smaller blades allowing for a higher repetition of strokes. This higher stroke count allows for quicker acceleration and gives you ample forward propulsion while being easier on your body. Many people prefer high cadence blades for dynamic surfing, turning and maneuvering. They are also favored by smaller paddlers who want to be easy on their joints.

High Cadence paddles from Werner include the Nitro and the Carve.

Werner invites everyone to visit their on line Paddle Fit Guide and explore which paddle is best for them. This new language will appear across all Werner marketing materials including web sites, point of purchase materials and in their innovative retail training program - G.U.I.D.E.

Werner Paddles is the leading manufacturer of high quality kayak, canoe, and stand up paddles, operating near the banks of the Skykomish River in Sultan, WA. For more information call 800.275.3311 or visit us at www.wernerpaddles.com

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