Utah Governor and OIA Unveil Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision

OIA and Gov. Gary Herbert just held a joint press conference to unveil Utah's Vision for Outdoor Recreation.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 23, 2013

Governor and Outdoor Industry Association Unveil Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision

At the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market trade show, Governor Gary R. Herbert unveiled Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision. The document emphasizes the value of outdoor recreation to the economy and quality of life in Utah and outlines guiding principles and a series of significant policy recommendations to enhance outdoor recreation and related industries for the people of Utah and visitors.

“Outdoor recreation is an essential component of Utah’s quality of life and state identity,” said Governor Herbert. “Whether it’s backpacking in remote areas, skiing on the greatest snow on earth, fishing in a mountain stream, or enjoying a family picnic in a neighborhood park, it is part of what defines us as Utahns.”

Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) leadership as well as Utah-based OIA members actively participated in developing the document.

“Governor Herbert’s vision is more than just a vision for outdoor recreation in Utah – it is an economic strategy that can benefit every state in the nation,” said Frank Hugelmeyer, president and CEO of Outdoor Industry Association. “More importantly, the vision is just the beginning of what we can accomplish when we find common ground. The outdoor industry applauds the Governor for his commitment to turn this vision into a reality so that outdoor recreation and Utah’s public land may continue to sustain economic dividends into the future.”

Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision includes the following:

  • Utah’s vision for outdoor recreation: Outlines the vision statement and guiding principles that Utah embraces for outdoor recreation.
  • Achieving Utah’s outdoor recreation vision: Provides more than 40 substantive recommendations under seven main areas of focus to improve the recreational experience in Utah.
  • Utah is the place for outdoor recreation: Outlines what makes Utah an exceptional place for outdoor recreation.
  • Utah’s State outdoor recreation programs: Provides a detailed list of facilities and programs currently in place to help residents and visitors fully enjoy what the State has to offer.
  • The benefits to Utah of outdoor recreation: Lists the many benefits--quality of life, economic, and health—associated with outdoor recreation.

Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision was organized under the direction of Governor Herbert. The Governor charged the Governor’s Council on Balanced Resources with preparing the vision document in August 2012, establishing a nationwide standard for outdoor recreation. The Governor’s Council on Balanced Resources organized the Outdoor Recreation Advisory Group to help support the creation of Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision. This group included representatives from the outdoor industry, recreational user groups, recreation managers, tourism officials, and elected officials.

For more information or to the view the full Utah Outdoor Recreation Vision document, visit http://utah.gov/governor/docs/OutdoorRecreationVision.pdf.

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Governor and OIA Unveil Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision

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