Therm-a-Rest® Sleep Systems Line Expands

Cascade Designs, Inc. today announced the 2011 expansion of the Therm-a-Rest Sleep Systems line with the addition of the Alpine 2C°/35°F Down Blanket.

Seattle, U.S.A. – Cascade Designs, Inc., the Seattle-based industry leader in the design and manufacture of premier outdoor equipment, has announced the 2011 expansion of the Therm-a-Rest Sleep Systems line with the addition of the Alpine 2C°/35°F Down Blanket. The complete Sleep System collection offers a variety of products that can be mixed-and-matched to create a personalized system unique to the user’s needs of warmth, weight and comfort in the outdoors.

At only 1 pound 5 ounces (624 grams) the Alpine Down Blanket is ideal for fast and light three-season excursions in the backcountry. Emulating the comfort of a bed at home, the zipper-less Alpine Down Blanket surrounds the top of the mattress, offering the freedom to move that traditional sleeping bags don’t. Perimeter snaps provide multiple Therm-a-Rest mattress integration options and the box-baffled 700-fill goose down design provides luxurious comfort and compresses down small for packing.

“If there’s anything we’ve learned after 38 years of making camping mattresses, it’s that most people prefer their own bed for a reason” said Doug Jacot, Vice-President, Therm-a-Rest. “That’s why we continue to strive for more comfort, warmth, flexibility and options—so that everyone can create a sleep system outdoors that provides them with a valuable good night’s sleep.”

The Alpine Down Blanket joins the Haven™ Top Bag, Ventra™ Down Comforter and Tech Blanket as unique sleeping bag alternatives in the Therm-a-Rest Sleep Systems collection. Also available are the Down Coupler, Fitted Sheet and DreamTime™ Comfort Cover to fit over a Therm-a-Rest mattress and enhance the warmth and luxurious comfort beneath the user, as well as the Compressible Pillow, an ultra-soft expandable pillow filled with the up-cycled foam used in the production of Therm-a-Rest self-inflating mattresses.

The new Alpine Down Blanket debuts in Europe at the July 2010 OutDoor Trade Fair and in North America at the August 2010 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. The collection will be available in stores January 2011.

About the Therm-a-Rest® Brand

Seattle-based Cascade Designs, Inc. has been the market leader in premium outdoor comfort for nearly 40 years, designing the finest portable outdoor sleeping and seating solutions available under the Therm-a-Rest brand. The company’s commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures that every product offers unrivaled comfort and reliability. All Therm-a-Rest mattresses are made in the Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland manufacturing facilities. For more information on the Therm-a-Rest brand, visit

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