The first annual Trailapalooza will be held at Hidden Valley Resort

People of all ages are invited to participate in this trail running festival Oct. 26-28.

The first annual Trailapalooza festival will be held at Hidden Valley Resort Oct. 26-28. The festival is a 24-hour trail running event where competitors of all ages can earn points based on how many kilometers they run in a full day.5K is good for 100 points per lap, 15K is 300 points per lap, and 20K is 400 points per lap.

“We are so excited to be working with Hidden Valley to form the first Trailapalooza Festival,” said Ashley Reefer, Director of Business Development at American Adventure Sports. “This venue is capable of offering competitors all full weekend of grade A lodging, activities, and dinning.”

There are three trails to choose from in 6-hour, 12-hour, or 24-hour classes. The team or individual that accumulates the most points in their time class, win. Participants can register solo, or in in two, three, or four member teams either all male, female or coed. Strategy is key for the team racers as they can rest or race as many runners as they see fit to maximize their final point total.

There are three levels that competitors will need to enter into in order to be eligible for prizes and contests. The Noob level is the least intense and is perfect for families. This is a less competitive level where the costume may take precedence over race points. Please note that children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Cost is $50 per person.

The next level up is the Boss level. This is the level where the running becomes intense. Maybe winning Trailapalooza is not the first priority in this level as 12 hours may be the limit. But for the self-proclaimed athlete who works out regularly, this is the perfect level. Cost is $90 per person.

The most rigorous level is the Ultimate level. This is the level for the hardcore, 6 AM, 40K runners. The winners will come out of this level as most competitors will be racing for the full 24-hours. Cost is $130 per person.

“We are looking for all types of people from marathon runners to families to weekend warriors,” Reefer said. “It is a great way to spend the weekend with friends and family and enjoy the festival to go along with some good physical exercise.”

Check-in is on Friday Oct. 26 from 7 PM – 11 PM at Hidden Valley where there will be a safety and briefing party where runners can have a drink and mingle with their fellow runners. Saturday, the race will begin at 10 AM, and all the trails will be operational and manned until 10 AM on Sunday. There will be beverages, food and music going in throughout the entire event. The award ceremony will be on Sunday at 11 AM where there will be a breakfast buffet for the runners to indulge in with friends and family.

Trailapalooza prizes for the seven awards will be sponsored by SCOTT Sports. Best solo and team costume will win a pair of SCOTT shoes of their choice and $50. Howl at the Moon is perfect for the werewolves at the festival. Best howl receives their choice of SCOTT shoes. There will also be a pumpkin carving contest at 6 PM on Saturday and an ice cream eating contest first come first serve at registration.
There will be three competitive awards as well. The Speed Demon award goes to the fastest solo and team who accumulates the most laps/points. Winners receive their choice of SCOTT running shoes and a free entry into the 2013 Trailapalooza. There is also the Run Master award which goes to the fastest individual or team with members over the age of 40. Also the Little Helper award goes to a competitor that helped out a complete stranger on the trails. Competitors will nominate candidates and winners of both awards will receive personalized SCOTT shoes.

Please register at to enter a team and enjoy the trail running festival of a lifetime!


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