Survive Outdoors Longer Introduces Mag Striker Tool for Spring 2018

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New All-In-One Survival Tool is an Essential for Adventure

LITTLETON, NH-July 24, 2017


Survive Outdoors Longer® continues to evolve their innovative survival solutions by introducing the Mag Striker™ for spring of 2018. The Mag Striker is an all-in-one fire starting tool that includes: a magnesium bar, a flint rod, and a scraper.

More reliable than lighters and matches that are subject to moisture and pressure, the Survive Outdoors Longer Mag Striker, is a multi-purpose fire-starting tool that includes the following essentials: a magnesium rod, a flint, scraper, and a bottle opener. Build a roaring fire in any condition with the robust easy to hold striker. Start your fire with the magnesium rod shavings that, when lit, are hot enough (5,400 degrees Fahrenheit) to start small tinder. The long lasting Ferrocerium Rod (flint) when struck, will create enough sparks to start 100’s of fires.

To use the Mag Striker, set aside a pile of wood shavings or twigs for fire tinder. Begin by gripping the easy-to-grip handle in one hand with the magnesium side up, and then use the scraper to scrape off a small pile of magnesium shavings. Next, hold the Mag Striker close to the pile and scrape the flint rod to produce a shower of sparks. Once the pile is lit, quickly place the reserved tinder on the fire to stoke the flames. To celebrate your fire starting success, use the built-in bottle opener to crack open a cold beverage. The Mag Striker (MSRP $12) will be on display at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show and will be available February 1, 2018.

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