SportsArt Fitness launches "Fuel for the Fun Stuff" Campaign

SportsArt Fitness launches the new "Fuel for the Fun Stuff" campaign, encouraging people to get fit "For the Fun Stuff"

August 2, 2007, Denver, CO.

The Health and Fitness Business show marked the introduction of a new phase in the evolution of SportsArt Fitness. With the unveiling of their new “Fuel For The Fun Stuff” campaign, SportsArt has taken an active lead in promoting healthy activities. “People typically don't exercise for the sheer joy of working out” according to SportsArt's director of marketing Scott Logan, “rather, it is a means to an end. Most people enjoy staying fit so that they can relish life's more engaging endeavors, whether they be trail running, mountain biking, or playing with their children or grandchildren. With our new line of all-new ellipticals and treadmills, we have incorporated many new features to help people get the most from their training, and with the new MyFlex™ cushioning system found on many of our ellipticals and treadmills, we help reduce impact and stress to the joints and body so folks can be fresher than ever for their fun pursuits”.

To help introduce this campaign, SportsArt will provide a variety of active lifestyle in-store merchandising aids and messaging materials. This will help customers, and store staff, to remember the “fun stuff” we all enjoy. In addition, SportsArt has launched a redesigned website that focuses on active outdoor lifestyles. Go to and click on the Fuel for the Fun Stuff icon to view the new “Fuel For The Fun Stuff” video.