Shoeller Technologies Unveils DNAtex™ , a counterfeit detector

The new DNAtex™ technology detects counterfeits within moments and may help put a stop to piracy.

The damage resulting from copies and fake products worldwide is estimated to be between 200 and 300 billion euro*. Most companies invest enormous sums into the development of new products, engage the most creative minds and spend millions on brand identity. Over the years, an ever-increasing shadow economy of counterfeiting has grown up in their direct vicinity. This not only damages the image and the brand, but in some cases, the products simply do not work, which can have dramatic consequences.

During Outdoor Retailer, Schoeller Technologies AG will introduce a new and special “Textile-DNA”.

“We can now give a product a “unique ID”. Based on this unique feature, the product can later be clearly identified”, explains Hans U. Kohn, COO at Schoeller Technologies AG., The innovation is called DNAtex™. According to current assessments, it is suitable for all stages and the entire spectrum of the textile production chain, including for chemicals, fibers, textiles and consumer products such as clothing, shoes or bags. Kohn continues: “In fact, every product worth protecting at Outdoor Retailer can be considered for DNAtex™ “.

DNAtex™ was originally developed to protect the company's own technologies. “Then we realized that we might be looking at a small sensation”, continues Kohn. “It is not just about design or an idea that is copied”. Above all, product safety, and deriving from it, the topic of product liability, is of concern to companies today". DNAtex™ has no influence on the color, the look, the feel or the functionality of the product. The desired effect, however, is the influence on the reduction in product piracy through this new technology.