USP – the new Ultralight Soft Protection from Schoeller Textil AG

The new USP technology from Schoeller Textil AG opens the competition in the fabric discipline “technical lightweights" with a previously undreamed of comfortable lightness coupled with wind proofing and rain resistance.

The new USP technology from Schoeller Textil AG incorporates the zeitgeist of the most modern fabrics. Compared with materials featuring comparable functions, they are ultra light, offer protection from rain are windproof and retain their natural breathability. In addition, the protective layer barely increases the fabric weight and the feel of the material with USP is very pleasant.

USP – Ultralight Soft Protection
The total weight of a trendy functional rain jacket made of a fabric with the new USP technology (which passes the AATCC-Rainwear Test) can weigh as little as 80 grams. Function cannot be lighter than with the ultra light, transparent schoeller®-spirit polyamide fabric in the vibrant pastel shades of the rainbow. The elastic schoeller ®-shape changeant fabric also provides a gossamer-light, protective cover in shades of blue, beige and pink.

No less fascinating are two further airily light, elastic schoeller®-spirit jacket weights with USP. The understated bi-color shimmers in a beige and wine sheen while the chocolate-brown polyamide fabric in a matt look radiates elegance. All fabrics finished with USP technology can be worn next to the skin without a lining, saving both weight and packing volume.
This new fabric category will be launching in North America at OUtdoor Retailer. Please visit booth # 39051 to see the exciting options and learn more.