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Respect Outside Launches New Training Package for Today’s Dispersed Workforces

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Bend, OR: In October, Respect Outside (RO) launched a new sexual-misconduct prevention training which combines the flexibility of on-demand access with the personalized benefits of live group training. This hybrid model of both self-guided and group sessions allows individuals the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of sexual misconduct, discrimination, civility and problematic beliefs and behaviors in a safe, judgement-free space before joining the larger conversation in a group setting.

As social distancing and remote workspaces continue into the coming seasons, many outdoors companies are looking for ways to keep employees connected to one another in meaningful ways. Many are also growing more and more concerned over the lack of face-to-face interaction which can lead to less cooperative attitudes and even greater division within teams. These concerns, along with growing political and social tensions, can lead to a breakdown in communications and create a toxic work environment harmful to employees and organizations.

Respect Outside’s new hybrid training package includes:

  • On-demand training for employees and supervisors.
  • Live webinar or in-person training to address questions from the on-demand segments and dive deeper into unconscious bias, interrupting behaviors, and civility in the workplace.
  • Evaluations that measure understanding of sexual misconduct and give a window into workplace culture.
  • Review of policies and procedures to provide a report with recommendations.
  • Final Evaluation and debriefing with leadership teams.

Jim Miller, Co-Founder of Respect Outside explains “Respect Outside’s hybrid training model allows us to meet outdoor organizations where they are today by delivering sexual-misconduct prevention and anti-discrimination training via on-demand segment, which can be taken at any time, as well as “live” webinar or in-person sessions to answer questions and practice new skills. We believe, by building organizations from the ground up using civility as the base, we can transform individuals, organizations, and the outdoor industry for the better.”

About Respect Outside

Respect Outside provides sexual-misconduct and gender-discrimination prevention trainings to businesses in the outdoor industry. Based in Bend, OR, and founded in 2019 by Gina McClard, J.D. and Jim Miller, RO is the culmination of Gina’s 25+ years as a lawyer/ anti-sexual-violence crusader and Jim’s 30+ years in the outdoors industry. As a team, the two merge their respective expertise to bring about a workplace revolution which ensures equitable treatment for people of all genders.