Quantum Fitness Reinvents Strength Equipment to be Above and Beyond

The newly designed Phantom Series Line of fitness equipment has just been introduced by the manufacturers at Quantum Fitness Corporation.

Quantum Fitness Reinvents Strength Equipment to be Above and Beyond

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Caren Ayton

Quantum Fitness



Stafford, TX – March 6, 2008 - Quantum Fitness, a revolutionary leader in the manufacturing of strength and cardio equipment primarily for the commercial and rehabilitation markets, unveiled today its latest creation of innovative design in strength equipment – The Phantom Series.

The manufacture of the new Phantom Series marks a new milestone in strength equipment where design meets functionality. With the masterful American craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind features and user motivating charm; exercise routines become less of a struggle.

The creators at Quantum Fitness envisioned an entire series of strength machines that were sleek in design and exceptional in quality. With unique features such as frosted pastel ice shrouds, enhanced user privacy, added safety features with the bonus of a bright and welcoming facility, the Phantom Series is leading the industry in strength equipment.

The work-out design gives the end user a maximum exercise experience without compromising comfort and safety. This is possible through key converging motion units which provide confident, natural movement and a maximum muscle range of motion. Joints are kept in a neutral position to reduce joint stress through the angled design of the hand grips and foot platform. The Phantom Series contains strength machines with weight stacks loaded with 5lb increment plates to create gradual increases of resistance which results in quicker strength gains. The entire series consists of twenty-two strength machines each unique to its purpose.

Upon completion of the Phantom Series, Quantum Fitness felt they had achieved their goal of creating a series of strength machines that were of exceptional quality, functionality and safety while stepping outside the box of typical strength equipment design.