PROBAR® Completes Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program

PROBAR® Completes Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program and sponsors Non-GMO Month in October.

PROBAR® Completes Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program

Park City, UT (Sept 27, 2011)—Is the food you eat grown naturally or was it created in a laboratory? Chances are you’ve eaten genetically modified organisms without even knowing it. PROBAR is proud to announce its successful verification in the Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program, and its sponsorship of Non-GMO Month in October. The Non-GMO Project is an organization dedicated to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. Non-GMO Project Verification comes only after rigorous independent auditing of PROBAR products by the Non-GMO Project.

GMOs (or ‘genetically modified organisms’) are organisms that have been created through gene-splicing techniques, creating unnatural combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or by traditional crossbreeding methods. In 2011, it was estimated by the USDA that 94% of soy, 90% of cotton, and 88% of corn grown in the U.S. are GMO (more facts). The Non-GMO Project began as an initiative by the North American organic and natural product industry to create a standardized definition of non-GMO and, for the first time, provide the public an opportunity to make an informed choice when it comes to GMOs.

PROBAR is a natural foods company whose food philosophy is built around plant-based, organic processes and energy-saving principals. All PROBAR products are made from organic ingredients with high natural integrity and are gently “blended,” rather than baked, ground-up or pressed together. Learn more about PROBAR products and commitment to sustainable principals and healthy food solutions at For a list of the products enrolled in the Non-GMO Project’s Verification Program, please visit



PROBAR® creates delicious, convenient, healthy plant based food products. Made from whole, organic, raw foods, and 100 percent vegan, PROBAR® is a natural alternative to other nutrition bars which contain unrecognizable, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. We strive to become the leading provider of real food choices while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and fantastic taste. We source the finest all natural, real, wholesome, and organic ingredients from responsible growers to create food that is simply delicious and always Simply Real™. Visit the PROBAR website.


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